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Eduardo Núñez - Lung Cancer- Resultados con LifEscozul™ Lung Cancer

Introduction to the case

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer in both women and men worldwide.

In general, this type of cancer does not produce symptoms in the earliest stages, so that in many cases the disease is diagnosed in stages III or IV, resulting in a worse prognosis for the patient's evolution.

The case we will present below is about Dr. Eduardo Nuñez, one of our LifEscozul Group physicians. He was diagnosed in December 2013 with an adenocarcinoma in his right lung stage 3B with metastasis in the mediastinum.

The tumor measured 2.5 centimeters and was located in the upper lobe of the right lung. After this diagnosis he began evaluating all possible treatment possibilities, including LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom), which he started in February 2014.

One month after starting with our treatment, the chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions begin.

Being a doctor and oncology patient, Eduardo was able to evaluate with his own eyes the results of these treatments in his disease, let's see his case below.

  • Clinical Data

    Eduardo Núñez, 56 años de edad al inicio del tratamiento con LifEscozul.

  • Symptomatology

    Tos leve.

  • Protocol Start

    Febrero del 2014.

  • Specialist assigned to Grupo LifEscozul

    Dr. Aaron Sarmiento

  • Diagnostics

    Primary tumor, 2.5 cm mass in the upper lobe of the right lung fibrous tissue with giant cell infiltration stage IIIB due to metastasis in the mediastinum.


In December 2013, Eduardo was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, specifically a 2.5 centimeter adenocarcinoma which was located in the upper lobe of his right lung and had also metastasized to the mediastinum (the part of the thorax that contains the heart, large blood vessels, trachea, thymus, esophagus and connective tissues).

Eduardo is well aware of the devastating effects that this type of cancer can produce and knows that action must be taken as quickly as possible to fight it in time. Thus, he visited the pulmonologist and the oncologist to undergo all the necessary tests and he also sent us all his medical documentation to enter our Protocol.

Our Medical Team thoroughly evaluated Eduardo's case and in February 2014 he started the treatment with LifEscozul (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul) under the doses indicated by Dr. Aaron Sarmiento.

Subsequently, in March 2014 he started with the 30 sessions of chemotherapy and 7 of radiotherapy prescribed by his surgeon.

Evolution with LifEscozul and actual results

MAY 2014

For the month of May 2014 Eduardo informed us that the mass in his right lung measured 2.2×2.3×1.9 centimeters with metastatic lymphadenopathy (presence of cancer in the lymph nodes) in mediastinum (nodule of 1.3×2.2 centimeters).

Our Medical Team evaluated these data and proceeded to increase the dose of LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom) seeking to improve these results.


Eduardo continued taking LifEscozul (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul) and also continued with periodic controls with PET Scan.

At this time Eduardo himself told us the following: "Ariel, how are you, I wanted to tell you the news that I had the PET scan, the result thanks God is very good, the primary tumor has shrunk, it is almost negative, the metastasis in the mediastinum disappeared so the treatment has been a success, now all that remains is to operate to remove the primary tumor from the lung and God willing I will be cured. I think I should continue taking the medication but you will tell me what to do. Well a big hug and infinitely grateful".


After almost 9 months of having started with the conventional treatments combined with LifEscozul (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul), in December 2014 Eduardo underwent a right upper lobectomy (i.e. the upper lobe of the lung plus all the mediastinal nodes were removed).

After the surgery, the pathologist analyzed everything removed in the operation, both the supposed primary tumor and the lymph nodes, and the report of this biopsy was negative, meaning that there were no cancerous cells.

In Eduardo's words: "Let me tell you that yesterday I had the consultation with the oncologist and the surgeon, they gave me the result of the biopsy and everything was negative, even the primary tumor was negative".

Up to this moment, the effects of the treatment with LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with the blue scorpion venom) had been the following:

  • She increased her appetite and did not lose weight.
  • The only side effects during the chemotherapy sessions were: discomfort when swallowing and some decay.
  • Her defenses did not drop.
  • She did not feel nausea.

 2017 TO 2018

Eduardo was on check-ups for the next 3 years without reporting any alarming symptoms. However cancer is a difficult and unpredictable disease with which there are never any guarantees.

In September 2017 Eduardo underwent a PET Scan and as a result another tumor appeared, but this time it was located in the upper lobe of the left lung.

Eduardo went back for all the tests again and the biopsy resulted in a non-metastatic adenocarcinoma. The tumor measured 1.1 centimeters, it was a new primary lung cancer.

This time Eduardo repeated the conventional treatment of the first time: 30 chemotherapies plus 7 sessions of radiotherapy, and in the case of treatment with LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom), our Medical Team decided to increase the dose again in order to repeat the previous success and defeat the disease once more.

The next PET scan showed that the tumor had shrunk to 0.6 millimeters.

Eduardo underwent surgery once again on the recommendation of his oncologist in 2018. The pathology result was once again negative, prior to surgery all tumor cells had disappeared.

It is worth highlighting the fact that many patients with diagnoses like Eduardo's who were receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy along with him, did not record the same results and in some cases metastases even appeared. The difference is that these patients were not under treatment with LifEscozul.


During all this time Eduardo has been monitored by our Medical Team and has undergone the corresponding PET scans. In addition, he has not stopped taking the treatment with LifEscozul (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul) and it has always arrived on time.

He told us that he does not get sick of anything else and that he did not have any side effects from the chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions.

In February 2020 Eduardo had a NM BONE SCAN and his results showed that there was no evidence to suggest bone metastasis or fracture.

In September 2020 he had a CT scan, and his results indicated that there was no convincing evidence of metastatic disease in the abdomen.

One month later, in October 2020 Eduardo underwent another CT scan which indicated that the postoperative changes were stable in both lungs and that there was no convincing evidence of recurrent or metastatic disease.

Eduardo was able to regain his quality of life and has not had to miss a day of work due to his illness.

Today Eduardo's health is optimal and thanks to the systematic communication he maintained with our Medical Team, he allowed us to make dose adjustments and have this impact on the disease.

According to his medical opinion, when he started treatment he was prescribed a low dose, but thanks to the gradual increases in concentration he was able to reduce and eliminate the tumor and metastases on the two occasions when the cancer appeared.

From his perspective he is more sensitized to oncology patients by the very fact that he is a patient as well. As he has obtained positive results directly with the LifEscozul treatment (the most effective formulation elaborated with the blue scorpion venom) he knows that patients who enter our Protocol have a better chance of recovery.

Your case will continue under the constant surveillance of our Medical Team.


For 3 years Dr. Eduardo Nuñez has been working as a Specialist Physician at LifEscozul Group, but since 2014 he is one of our patients.

In December 2013 Eduardo was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, specifically a 2.5 centimeter adenocarcinoma in his right lung stage IIIB due to metastasis in the mediastinum.

As a physician, Eduardo turned to traditional medicine to treat his disease, but he already knew the results of blue scorpion venom in cancer patients and decided to contact us.

In February 2014 he started with LifEscozul treatment (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom) and in March 2014 he started 30 chemotherapy sessions and 7 radiotherapy sessions. During the time he was undergoing these sessions the only side effect he experienced was fatigue.

By December 2014 Eduardo had the upper lobe of his lung and all the mediastinal nodes removed. His results after this intervention showed that there were no cancer cells.

In September 2017 a PET Scan reveals the appearance of another tumor in his left lung, it was a new primary lung cancer.

Eduardo repeated all the above procedure with traditional medicine and LifEscozul (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul) treatment with higher doses, and the pathology results after surgery were negative again (before surgery all tumor cells had disappeared).

During the months of February to October 2020 Eduardo's tests remained negative, showing no recurrence of the disease and no evidence of metastasis.

The keys to Eduardo's recovery are undoubtedly the early detection, the speed with which he contacted us and his discipline and constancy both in taking the medication and in being in contact with our Medical Team all the time to modify the dosage according to his evolution.

Eduardo followed a program designed according to the type of cancer where he had gradual increases in concentration in order to reduce the tumor and metastasis. And although there is still a long way to go, being in this position right now is undoubtedly an advantage. The result is undoubtedly positive, since the tumor was completely eliminated.

Eduardo assures that: "cancer does have a cure, and treatment with LifEscozul is one more weapon to fight it".

We are the LifEscozul Group and the results define us.

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