Escozul™ can be administered in conjunction with any conventional treatment.

LifEscozul™ - Leukemia

Escozul™ seeks to work not only on the cancer but also on the patient's quality of life. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects help to improve the quality of life in about 65 to 75% of the patients treated.

It is important to note that Escozu|™ is not considered a cure for cancer, it is a natural medicine that converts this deadly disease into a chronic controlled one, offering quality of life.

Results in different cases

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia Patient: Diego Age: 13 Country: Chile

The patient presented acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He started treatment with Escozul™.

Initial Diagnosis:

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Patient's condition before starting treatment:

  • -Constant fever
  • -Low defenses
  • -Neutropenia in a row
  • -Hypothyroidism

Treatments received:

  • -2005 to 2007 first cycle of chemotherapy well tolerated.
  • -2010 to 2012 second more intense chemotherapy, radiation (8 sessions in August) well tolerated.
  • -2014 palliative chemotherapy, with weeks without chemo due to fever.
  • -Intravenous antibiotics every 6 hours hospitalized for 6 such procedures.
  • -Transfusions of platelets and red blood cells followed.

Analysis of the case to determine dosage and concentration of Escozul™:

The case is evaluated by analyzing the type of cancer, its stage, aggressiveness, treatments applied and response. The physical and psychological condition of the patient is also taken into account.

A copy of this evaluation is sent to the patient and his/her family. He starts with Escozul™ in September 2014, a dose is prescribed according to the progression of the disease and the patient's symptoms.

Escozul™ has the ability to selectively eliminate cancer cells without affecting healthy cells, which leads to tumor growth control and even

tumor shrinkage, as well as helping to improve the patient's quality of life. It works in many types of cancer, with better results in solid tumors, the effectiveness depends on the type of cancer and the degree of disease progression.



Diego's general condition in the first two weeks of administration of Escozul™: A week after starting to take this medication, a very favorable change in Diego's mood was noticed, he no longer felt so low and began to get out of bed a little more during the day. Every week tests are taken at the hospital and one week after taking the medicine, the tests showed positive changes:

- Hematocrit 31 % (increased by 12% compared to pre-treatment results).

- Platelets 121 000 (increased by 77% with respect to the pre-treatment results)

- WBCs 1 720 (increased by 74% from pre-treatment results)

Platelets, red blood cells and especially white blood cells went up, before this he had zero defenses, this has meant that there are no more transfusions and Dr. wants to put a catheter tomorrow because she sees that the tests are better. This is the second week and the tests are still good. With the chemotherapy he still feels down, tired and discouraged, but he still ate at the end of the day and got up to the table to eat. These are the results after two weeks:

Hematocrit 31.2% (increased by 13% over pre-treatment results).

Platelets 190 000 (increased by 85% over pre-treatment results and is within normal limits)

WBCs 1,050 (increased by 58% from pre-treatment results and is within normal limits)


2nd report:

Hematocrit 35.7% (increased by 14% over pre-treatment results and is almost within normal limits).

Platelets 161,000 (increased by 82% from pre-treatment results, and is within normal limits).

WBC 2,380 (increased by 81% from pre-treatment results).

Currently Dieguito's results are still good, he is still in remission and his blood tests remain within normal parameters. Before 3 months of treatment, 0% blasts were found in the bone marrow, which means that the disease is in remission.

The possibility of a bone marrow transplant, which was totally impossible in September, is also being considered.

Medical Documents

LifEscozul™ - Diego 1 - Leucemia
LifEscozul™ - Diego 2 - Leucemia
LifEscozul™ - Diego 3 - Leucemia
LifEscozul™ - Diego 4 - Leucemia
LifEscozul™ - Diego 5 - Leucemia
LifEscozul™ - Diego 6 - Leucemia
LifEscozul™ - Diego 7 - Leucemia

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