About us

Grupo LifEscozul™ was created to help patients who want to learn more information about LifEscozul™/Escozul and how to get it.

Welcome to LifEscozul™ Laboratories

Over time and as we became known by more individuals, we decided not only to provide information but to also provide services and resources to those who needed it.

LifEscozul™ treatment has meant much more than hope for cancer patients

That is why much of our work is focused on delivering LifEscozul™ to patients safely, quickly, and economically. It is not enough to simply guarantee its delivery, we also give patients personalized and very human care to achieve the best possible results in terms of quality of life and survival time.

We consider ourselves a leading company because we are committed to  transparency and professional ethics. Every piece of information we provide through the various communication channels is previously verified and analyzed. When we talk to patients and their relatives, we explain what they can expect from treatment without giving false expectations, as we value their time as the most important and limited resource a cancer patient can have.

We are always looking for ways to help people who don't have the resources to access LifEscozul™

As a company we are constantly evolving, always looking for ways to help people who do not have the resources to access treatment with LifEscozul™. Not only by trying to provide the most ethical and professional services possible, but also by helping to research and develop a product that is accessible to all.

We understand the pain, despair, and anxiety with which many people come to us, we are not indifferent to that pain and never will be. Every action, service and step we take is with the objective of mitigating this pain and extending the quality lifetime of the patient.

We are aware that there is nothing that can cure cancer

However, we believe that there is no fight more important right now and we are aware that every possibility must be thoroughly explored.

In a world where millions of people die each year from cancer and where conventional treatments are not yet the solution, we should look at alternative treatments as a valid option to consider if they are backed by scientific evidence.