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Grupo LifEscozul considers maximum transparency in working with our patients and associates to be very important. We invite you to learn how our team is formed and distributed, where you will have access to the profiles of medical managers by area, the scientists in charge of scientific and clinical research development and regional managers in each country. We also provide the possibility to contact each area directly for any questions yo may have. We are Grupo LifEscozul and Transparency Defines us.

Ariel Portal - Gerente General - Grupo LifEscozul™

Lic. Ariel Portal

General Manager
at Grupo LifEscozul

Father of two, graduated in biology in 2004 from the University of Havana. From 2004 to 2009 he worked at LABIOFAM as part of the Research Project on the medical properties of blue scorpion venom. In 2011 he founded the company LifEscozul to continue medical research related to blue scorpion venom, under the LifEscozul formulation considered the most efficient ever made with blue scorpion venom. He is currently working as financial coordinator in several research projects with the Universidad de Talca in Chile and the U.S.

Ariel Portal - Gerente General - Grupo LifEscozul™

Lic. Alennis Plain Reyes

Ecuador Management
Grupo LifEscozul

Mother of one child, she studied psychology until 2010 at the University of Havana, additionally she studied graphic design graduating in 2014 and joining Grupo LifEscozul that same year. She has worked in different areas where her high sensitivity with patients stands out. Currently, part of her responsibilities is to manage the Financial Assistance Program for patients in Protocol. Since 2019, she has served as the Legal Representative of LifEscozul in Ecuador.

Ariel Portal - Gerente General - Grupo LifEscozul™

Lic. Alvaro Arriagadas

Chile Management
Grupo LifEscozul

Father of one child, he graduated as a computer engineer from the Universidad Tecnológica de Chile. He is currently the Grupo LifEscozul  Manager for Chile and is in charge of establishing agreements with the different entities in this country, such as Universities and associated laboratories. He has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical field, as this has been his area of work for the last 10 years.

Ariel Portal - Gerente General - Grupo LifEscozul™

Ing. Yanelis Ruiz

Cuba Coordination
Grupo LifEscozul

Mother of two, she graduated in 2012 with a degree in Industrial Engineering. She is a specialist in organizational management and currently works as coordinator in Cuba for Grupo LifEscozul. She is very knowledge in English and French and holds a Diploma in Foreign Trade.  His specialty is to provide counseling and local assistance to our patients who wish to be treated in Cuban clinics.

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