Frequently Asked Questions

Preguntas frecuentes - LifEscozul™
The delivery of the product to your home will be delayed depending on where the shipment is to be sent and the customs of the country. For Latin America, Canada and the United States it takes 3 to 5 working days. You will receive an email with a breakdown of the cost of shipping and our services.
Most likely not, the Scozul is not stocked, the dose is custom prepared according to the patient's case, so it is necessary to review the case beforehand, in order to determine the dose and have it ready for pick-up. Since we rely on natural scorpion populations to prepare the medication, there is not always availability of active ingredient to prepare the dose if you arrive without an appointment.
From the moment the files are received, you will receive in the clinical analysis the data of the Cuban doctor in charge of the case so that you can establish contact whenever you wish. We can also put you in contact with other patients or their relatives who are in treatment, so that they can share their experiences about our services and about the medicine. Once the product leaves Cuba, you will receive a follow-up guide via Internet.
In the event that the product is not consumed by the patient, the funds that were not used during the production and shipping process will be returned, which is the value of our services, corresponding to approximately 15% of the total value. The other values cannot be returned because the medicine cannot be sent back and the expenses related to shipping costs, medical appointments, supplies and taxes have already been paid.
It is possible, as long as the case is evaluated by our specialist who will adjust the dose to the type of cancer and stages that the new patient presents.
When traveling to Cuba to pick up the product the most important thing is to bring a copy of the medical results and a cooler that allows you to bring the product back maintaining the cold chain. Additionally it would be good to consult our section on Traveling to Cuba where we give advice on the type of clothing and other details to be able to tolerate the high temperature and relative humidity. Once you arrive in Cuba you will be met by one of our coordinators who will take care of all the details of your stay in Cuba. We guarantee that you will be impressed by the treatment you will receive.
All the cases we attend are followed up by a Cuban specialist with whom you will be in contact via email, Skype or telephone, depending on which country the specialist is in. It is the responsibility of the patient or the family member in charge to send us every 2 weeks reports on the evolution of the patient that will allow us to evaluate if it is necessary to make any change in the treatment. This follow-up does not represent an extra cost for those undergoing treatment.
Lodging in Cuba is generally in a private house, specialized in first class attention in comfort as well as in services and food. These houses dedicated to receiving international tourism are authorized and endorsed by the state and in terms of quality they have nothing to envy to hotels. Perhaps the biggest difference lies in the personalized treatment and differential attention to patients.
The ideal would be to bring Euros although now with the crisis it is difficult to know if it is a currency that will stand the test of time. We do not recommend Dollars because they have a 10% tax that makes you lose money. The best thing to do before your trip is to consult the website of the Central Bank of Cuba, where you will find the exchange rates for the different currencies and you will be able to evaluate what is more convenient for you at the moment. Banco Central de Cuba
In the past the variant was the opposite but unfortunately we had several cases of people who did not pay when they received the product and since our company works with high costs and a minimum percentage for our services we had to change the system in order not to lose our economic base. At present, although the patient or family member pays for the service, we usually do not withdraw the money until the product leaves Cuba, which you can easily check since we send you a link to the specialized courier that is in charge of the shipment, from which you can track the shipment from the origin to the destination.