Escozul: Most common myths

From supposed official distributors to laboratories without contact form for information

The most common myths and frauds related to Escozul

Essential Information First

The legal department of the LifEscozul ™ Group receives reports about people who illegally make use of our Escozul ™ trademark registered in more than 40 countries.

Currently, we are working together with various health entities in Mexico and Chile to present legal claims against those people.

To serve as a guide and protection for patients, we have created a list of frauds and myths related to Escozul ™.

However, before going into details, we want to clarify several aspects considered of vital importance:

In the LifEscozul ™ Group, we highly value keeping our patients, their families, and the general public informed. For this reason, we want to explain to them through this article how to identify a possible fraud with Escozul ™ to avoid putting their health at risk with a pirated product. 

What are the most common myths related to Escozul ™?

Below we present and analyze the most common Myths with Escozul ™  and explain why they are considered myths.

Myth 1:

escozul myth diseases

Diagnosis: FALSE

Reasons: We have found statements about the properties of Escozul ™ on some unauthorized websites that lack a scientific basis. One of them is that Escozul ™ treats all kinds of diseases.

Objective: To induce people to believe that Escozul ™ has properties for everything and can cure everything and to be able to commercialize it illegally for those diseases.

Reality: Escozul ™ has shown antitumor properties for certain types of cancer, and being a product under study requires a Medical Protocol to be effective. There is no product capable of attacking so many different diseases, nor are there scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of Escozul ™ in those diseases.

Informative link: What diseases does the Blue Scorpion Venom cure?

Myth 2:

escozul myth aplications

Diagnosis: FALSE

Reasons: The only route safe route of administration of Escozul ™ (that is, it does not cause damage to the patient body) and is 100% effective is the oral route. Dr. Alexis Díaz, the highest living authority on the properties of Blue Scorpion Venom, has demonstrated and published that result.

Objective: Some patients cannot consume Escozul ™ orally, as they have obstructed the flow of liquids. In the LifEscozul ™ Protocol, we inform these patients with absolute transparency that we cannot administer it because it will not be effective. However, the people who promote this myth are only interested in selling and do not care about patient safety.

Reality: Escozul ™ can only be applied orally.

Informative Link: Appropriate and inappropriate ways to take Escozul ™.

Myth 3:

escozul myth bio preparation

Diagnosis: FALSE

Reasons: Biopreparations are products made from remains of plant origin or substances of mineral or animal origin, which help reduce the problems of pests and diseases or improve the development of crops. Thus, Escozul ™ is not classified as a bio preparation since it is a product that is still in development and is made from the Venom of the Blue Scorpion by the LifEscozul ™ Group.

Objective: The objective here is to bypass the health regulations to be able to commercialize it. As a bio preparation, they are not subject to quality controls, nor do they have to present food safety studies.

Reality: Escozul ™ is a product still in development that requires following the steps or stages to obtain a Sanitary Registry, which includes toxicology studies, pharmacodynamics, in vitro and in vivo tests, clinical trials, and passing the review of the Health institutions.

Currently, the LifEscozul ™ Group is in the process of obtaining said registration.

Informative Link: Bio preparations for the management of pests and diseases.

Myth 4:

escozul myth produced in guantanamo

Diagnosis: FALSE

Reasons: The Blue Scorpion Venom is extracted from the species Rhopalurus Junceus, which inhabits the entire island of Cuba. In Guantánamo, they produced an artisan formulation of the venom, which lacks laboratory controls, and has an unknown concentration of active principle.

Its use is, therefore, local.

Also, we must consider that there are no flights to Guantanamo, and it takes more than 14 hours to get there from Havana. There is a high risk of decomposition of the active ingredient of the Blue Scorpion Venom due to lack of proper refrigeration and preservatives.

Objective: They are trying to confuse people by indicating that there is another producer of Blue Scorpion Venom and that it is the same product. That is false.

Reality: Our product Escozul ™ has a unique formulation subject to patent. It is not handmade and follows a scientific method, with regulations and processing in FDA-certified laboratories.

The artisan formulations produced in Guantanamo are prepared by people without a scientific or medical degree and lack quality controls. Therefore, it is highly ineffective and unsafe. They are not licensed to export or commercialize.

Informative Link: Differences between the LifEscozul ™ Method and the Artisan Method.

Myth 5:

escozul myth bordier group

Diagnosis: FALSE

Reasons: There is no Bordier Group or Bordier Laboratories in Cuba. Biologist Misael Bordier died in 2005, and the Bordier Group disintegrated. Other people are using the name Bordier Group to pose as them.

Objective: This is one of the many recognized frauds with Escozul ™, where dishonest people take the identity of a group that does not exist anymore to scam cancer patients.

Reality: Misael Bordier was the first person to work with the Blue Scorpion Venom in the 80s. However, he never published a scientific study, and his patent expired due to a lack of studies.

Fake distributors use the name "Grupo Bordier" to scam.

Informative Link: Who was Misael Bordier?

Myth 6:

escozul myth official distributors

Diagnosis: FALSE

Reasons: Escozul ™ is a non-commercial product under development and is only used in patients through a Clinical Trial, with Personalized Medical Monitoring and data control.

It is currently in the preliminary phase to obtain the Sanitary Registry, and the LifEscozul ™ Group does not have authorized distributors.

Objective: The intention here is to illegally commercialize a product claiming that it is Escozul ™ without having the appropriate license or the corresponding permits and putting the lives of patients at risk.

Reality: The truth is that there are no official distributors, and, at the moment, Escozul ™ has no cost since this is a product that is still under development and is currently in the process of obtaining the corresponding Health Registry.

Informative Link: Escozul ™: How much does it cost?

Myth 7:

escozul myth vidatox

Diagnosis: FALSE

Reasons: Vidatox 30CH is a highly diluted homeopathic product whose final composition is merely water and alcohol.

Escozul ™ (Blue Scorpion Venom) is a product made by the Laboratories of the LifEscozul ™ Group. Its active principle comes from the Blue Scorpion Venom and its formula has been developed by Dr. Alexis Díaz, the highest scientific authority on the Venom of the Blue Scorpion.

Objective: Commercial. In 2011, LABIOFAM stopped investigating the properties of the Blue Scorpion Venom and decided to commercialize a homeopathic product called Vidatox 30CH. Vidatox is a product that has the highest degree of dilution according to homeopathy and can induce and accelerate metastases. Click here for more information.

Fact: It's a published result that Vidatox 30CH can stimulate cancer development and metastasis. Its use in cancer patients or those with liver disease is not recommended.

Informative Link: What is Vidatox, and what is it for?

Myth 8:

escozul myth patent

Diagnosis: FALSE

Reasons: Misael Bordier filed a patent in 1996 that he couldn't renew due to a lack of scientific evidence. The LifEscozul ™ Group is in the process of registering more than 4 patents regarding the Blue Scorpion Venom.

Objective: Some pages indicate this information to be valid. However, it is enough to consult the website for patents registered in Cuba to verify it is false.

Reality: Biologist Misael Bordier's patent expired due to a lack of scientific evidence. Currently, the LifEscozul ™ Group owns the trademark rights of Escozul ™, registered in more than 40 countries.

Informative Link: Escozul ™: origin, history, and evolution.

escozul myth patent

Myth 9:

escozul myth other scorpions venom

Diagnosis: FALSE

Reasons: There are many species of scorpions in the world, Prionurus australis and Rhopalurus princeps among them. Nonetheless, no scientific studies show antitumor properties for any of them. Therefore, those species cannot be used to make Escozul ™.

Objective: Sell products made from the venom of other scorpions that are supposed to treat cancer.

Reality: The active principle used to make Escozul ™ is obtained only from Rhopalurus Junceus, species endemic to Cuba.

Informative Link: What is the Blue Scorpion? LifEscozul ™.

Myth 10:

escozul myth inmediately delivered

Diagnosis: FALSE

Reasons: Escozul ™ doses are personalized and produced following a series of phases to obtain the best possible results in cancer patients.

Objective: Sell, as fast as possible, a handmade product that will bring no benefits to the patient.

Reality: To affirm that Escozul ™ can be sent immediately is to take advantage of the patient's desperation. Before being admitted to our Protocol, a Medical Committee evaluates the case, and a specialist is assigned. Based on that analysis, we will proceed to elaborate a personalized dose.

Informative Link: Escozul ™: Procedures necessary to obtain it.

Myth 11:

escozul myth cuba

Diagnosis: FALSE

Reasons: Escozul ™ is transported in a cold chain. Otherwise, it may lose its properties within a few hours.

Objective: The idea is obvious, to overstate costs and charge an unrealistic value.

Reality: The false distributors who claim to sell Escozul ™ claim that they are going to Cuba to obtain it, but the truth is they bring a product without any guarantee or endorsement and are selling, in the best of cases, an artisan formulation that lacks scientific certification and can also be contaminated by bacteria, having no microbiological control. In the worst case, it is simply water plus alcohol.

Informative link: Differences between the LifEscozul ™ Method and the "artisan" method.

Myth 12:

escozul myth latin america cancer research institute

Diagnosis: FALSE

Reasons: There is no Latin American Cancer Research Institute, though it has a false page on Facebook.

Objective: By making people believe that a supposed institute endorses the effectiveness of a product, it is easier to sell it.

Reality: There is no Latin American Cancer Research Institute. The only institutions conducting studies with the Escozul ™ are The University of Talca and the University of Chile, in conjunction with the Department of Research and Development of the LifEscozul ™ Group, under the direction of Dr. Alexis Díaz, the highest authority in the Venom of the Blue Scorpion.

Informative Link: What is the LifEscozul ™ treatment? 


After this research on the myths of Escozul ™, we can affirm that:

  • Studies have shown that Escozul ™ has antitumor properties that make it effective in the treatment of cancer. There are no studies that demonstrate its effectiveness in other types of diseases.
  • Escozul ™ can only be applied orally.
  • Escozul ™ is not a natural biopreparation.
  • In Guantánamo, they produce an “artisan” formulation of Escozul ™. The formulation produced by the LifEscozul ™ Group goes through laboratory controls and follows a scientific method.
  • The Bordier Group does not exist, and those who use its name to commercialize a supposed Escozul ™ are people who pose as them and therefore are scammers.
  • There are no official distributors of Escozul ™ because it is a product that is still under study.
  • Vidatox 30CH and Escozul ™ are not the same.
  • The Escozul ™ patent belongs only to the LifEscozul ™ Group.
  • Only the venom of the Rhopalurus Junceus species can be used to make Escozul ™.
  • Escozul ™ cannot be sent immediately to the patient as their case must be evaluated by a Medical Committee first.
  • People who say they can bring Escozul ™ directly from Cuba are scammers since the transportation of the product requires a specialized cold chain. Otherwise, it can lose its properties within a few hours.
  • There is no Latin American Institute for Cancer Research.

Escozul ™ is a product developed by the LifEscozul ™ Group's Laboratories. LifEscozul ™ owns trademark rights in more than 40 countries and has no authorized distributors.

If you have been scammed or know of any other myth related to Escozul ™, write to us at: and our lawyers in your country will help you with whatever you need at no cost.



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