Escozul | How do we achieve our results with Escozul?

A look at our day-to-day work with our patients. Our schedules and how we work with the patient from a medical point of view.

How do we achieve our results with Escozul

With dedication. That's the most accurate answer. Medicine cannot be practiced without dedication. It's a full-time job. Always thinking about the best for the patient and always with infinite patience.

Every patient of ours who enters the protocol does so knowing they can really have hope with Escozul. We're not a scam, we don't like to give false expectations. The patient does not have the time to be lied to. That is why it is very important to evaluate the case as accurately as possible. And it usually involves several doctors to have different opinions.

However, this is not the most important part. After the patient is evaluated and treatment begins, comes the most important part in our work which is medical follow-up.

Why is Medical Follow-up Important?

Escozul is a natural product that should always be customized according to the case. And every patient is different. They can differ in the type of cancer, in their environment, and also in the severity.

And these factors are constantly changing. And as such it is necessary to adjust the dose of Escozul in turn so that it remains effective. And the only way to do this is by being in close communication with the patient. Which will allow us to change the dose depending on the results we're observing.

How do we achieve our results with Escozul

It's an arduous job without a doubt. Sometimes because patients in their information phase skip data, sometimes because they don't follow basic recommendations, such as not drinking alcohol or avoiding junk meals. But it has its reward. Every day we receive hundreds of emails and reports where we see how our patients are advancing. And that is rewarding, because we feel we are making a difference.

But how do we do this medical follow-up?

Our communication channels are currently email and by phone. Before starting treatment, we always explain the patient to contact us at least once a week, with clear reports on the patient's symptoms. After the first 90 days a request for medical documentation is carried out and compared with the previous one. And the patient is informed of the results achieved.  They are also informed of the results they are not getting, because the truth must be told first and the patient should know if we are succeeding.

How do we achieve our results with Escozul

During the day, we talk a lot with our patients. This is normal. We're no stranger to the fact that some patients don't have all the support they should have. And it's a disease that attacks everyone alike: one of our doctors has lung cancer, and of course it's something that touches us closely.

How do we achieve our results with Escozul

The key to success with Escozul in our patients is due to this medical follow-up, which ultimately makes us also a family. One cannot get good results if there is no dedication, if the patient does not feel the medical support.

After 17 years we are the only company that publishes its results in patients with pride, because it is what defines us and makes us unique.