Escozul: General Characteristics

Escozul: what is it for?

Escozul: how is it taken?

Escozul: Does it have any side effects?

Escozul: Warnings and Other Treatments

Escozul: Preservation and Expiration

Escozul® Caracteristicas Generales - LifEscozul®

Escozul is a natural product still in development and in the clinical trial phase, which has been demonstrated by the Research and Development Department of Grupo LifEscozul to be totally harmless and does not cause side effects or counterproductive effects for patients. Find out in this section about its main properties and its different characteristics.

Escozul: What is it for?

Escozul®: ¿Para qué sirve?

Many people who contact us to obtain Escozul often ask if Escozul , or the LifEscozul Protocol, serves various and complex diseases such as AIDS, arthritis or Lupus. The reality is that for this product the studies conducted have only shown action on certain types of cancer and its impact on other diseases is still being studied. However, we must point out that there is a long way to go to show that it can have an effect on other diseases, and as scientists we do not endorse the use of treatment without first evaluating the medical information of the case. Read more…

Escozul®: How is it taken?

Escozul®: ¿Cómo se toma?

Appropriate and inappropriate ways to take it

All patients do not take Escozul in the same dose and concentration, this will be determined by our Medical Team after analyzing the case and type of cancer. The only way to take Escozul effectively is by oral route, and each patient requires a minimum of 4 daily doses. Read more…

Escozul®: Does it have any side effects?

Escozul®: ¿Tiene efectos adversos?

Unlike conventional antitumor treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, Escozul does not have adverse effects that have a negative impact on the patient's life. Read more…

ESCOZUL®: Warnings and Other Treatments

Escozul®: Warnings and Other Treatments

It is proven that there are no contraindications to the use of Escozul. Most patients treated in Grupo LifEscozul, depending on age, have other conditions. Read more…

Escozul®: Preservation and Expiration

Escozul®: Preservation and Expiration

Escozul is composed solely of purified blue scorpion venom (which is a protein) and water. Currently preservatives are added to the formulation to maintain its stability, however it is very important to always maintain the cold chain. Read more…

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