Escozul®: Does it have side effects?

LifEscozul® - Efectos adversos

Unlike conventional anti-tumor treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, the Escozul® has no adverse effects that have a negative influence on the patient's life, it has only been observed that the administration of Blue Scorpion Venom may cause drowsiness and dizziness in the first days of administration.

In our more than 17 years of experience in the treatment with Escozul® (LifEscozul®) in cancer patients, we have found that dizziness is an infrequent symptom that occurs very rarely in patients with poor nutrition.

Drowsiness (mild sleepiness) is more frequent and is a symptom that occurs due to the analgesic effect of the Escozul® and it means a help in the quality of life, because in many occasions the stress of the disease makes it difficult to sleep.

With Escozul® night's rest is improved, which translates into a substantial change in the patient's quality of life and therefore in his or her attitude towards the disease.

We have also observed that the Escozul® can lead to increased appetite in most patients. Appetite can be affected in people suffering from cancer due to different factors, from psychological to those associated with the disease. This factor will vary according to the type of cancer or because of treatments such as chemotherapy. This is why recovering and increasing appetite is considered a positive sign and an indicator of progress.

Some patients with increased stomach sensitivity may feel burning or abdominal pain after administration, especially in the morning dose given on an empty stomach. This is a rare symptom and very few patients have reported it to us, and it is usually resolved by changing the times of administration of the Escozul® to avoid ingestion after long hours of fasting.

Other patients have reported a flushing or slight acceleration of the heart rate after ingestion of the dose during the first days of treatment, this is also a very rare symptom that occurs in very few patients. As it has not yet been thoroughly studied we cannot rule out that this is a psychological effect in some people.

Finally, it has been demonstrated in studies analyzing the components of Blue Scorpion Venom that it does not contain the irritants normally found in the venom of wasps, bees and ants, and therefore does not cause the toxic reactions of irritation and allergy that the venoms of these other species cause in the human organism.