Escozul and Vidatox 30CH are not the same

Who produces Escozul?

Who produces Vidatox 30CH?

Main differences between Escozul and Vidatox 30Ch

Escozul or Vidatox 30Ch: which is more effective?

It is usual to find several pages on the Internet indicating that Vidatox 30CH and Escozul ™ are the same product.

Perhaps the people who promote Vidatox 30CH do not know the differences between the two products. Sadly, in many cases, the intention to confuse and obtain profits is evident.

It is important to clarify that these two products are absolutely different, produced by two different companies, and most of all, with different therapeutic properties.

Who produces the Escozul ™?

The LifEscozul ™ Group is a pharmaceutical company created by Cuban scientists, which owns the trademark rights of Escozul ™ registered in more than 30 countries.

It is also the leading company in the research of the properties of the Blue Scorpion Venom and the clinical results obtained with the Escozul ™ and the LifEscozul ™ treatment.

The clinical trials for the LifEscozul ™ treatment, needed for the Health Registry, will start next year.

Likewise, the LifEscozul ™ Group is also in the registration phase of several patents related to the Venom of the Blue Scorpion.

Escozul and Vidatox 30CH are not the same 

Who produces Vidatox 30CH?

Vidatox 30CH is produced by the Cuban state company LABIOFAM, which mainly produces products for veterinary use. It is made using the Venom of the Blue Scorpion, but being a homeopathic product, it is extremely diluted.  It has been impossible to detect a single molecule of the Venom of the Blue Scorpion in Vidatox 30CH.

For more information about Vidatox 30CH, we invite you to read our Blog article: What is Vidatox and what is it for?.

Main differences between Escozul ™ and Vidatox 30Ch

We must remember these two products are not the same. They are made by different companies and have different properties. They don't have the same composition, properties, preparation, scientific studies, clinical results, or effectiveness.

Escozul ™: Product in Development by LifEscozul ™ Laboratories

The treatment with Escozul ™ (LifEscozul ™) is the most advanced formulation made from the Venom of the Blue Scorpion by Dr. Alexis Díaz, head of the Research and Development Department of the LifEscozul ™ Group.

It is prepared according to the concentration and dose that each patient needs. Its effectiveness will depend on its results.

Escozul ™ is a product still being studied by our Research and Development Department, it does not have an economic cost as such.

Studies have shown that Escozul ™ has selective antitumor activity in various tumor lines, such as:

- Breast Cancer.

- Brain Cancer.

- Lung cancer.

- Colorectal cancer.

- Cervical Cancer.

- Laryngeal Cancer.

- Prostate cancer.

- Bladder cancer.

lifescozul results

Other characteristics of Escozul ™ (LifEscozul ™) treatment

  • An initial medical evaluation by our Medical Team is necessary to determine the dose based on the type of cancer, its degree of advancement, and the patient's clinical condition.
  • A constant Medical Follow-up must is needed to monitor the evolution of the patient from the beginning of the treatment.
  • It is completely harmless when taken by mouth, is not toxic, and causes no damage to the body.
  • All our cases are clinically proven. 
  • Each of them has medical reports before and during treatment, available in our Most Recent Results section.
  • It is taken by mouth 4 times a day.
  • The LifEscozul ™ Group does NOT has authorized distributors. All shipments are made directly to the patient from our laboratories.
  • It is NOT yet commercialized because our Research and Development Department is still studying it. The patient pays only for the services associated with the obtention. To learn more, go to our section: Escozul ™: necessary procedures to obtain it.

Vidatox 30CH

The LifEscozul ™ Group was founded by Cuban scientists and doctors who once worked at LABIOFAM. They decided not to continue when the LABIOFAM management chose to commercialize a homeopathic product without the anti-cancer properties present in the Blue Scorpion Venom.

They called this product Vidatox 30CH.

What is important to know about Vidatox 30CH ?:

It is a homeopathic product with the highest homeopathy dilution level (that is, 30 CH). This means that, in the final product, there is no concentration of the Blue Scorpion Venom. For more information, enter here.

The Scientific Community, both foreign and Cuban, rejects Vidatox 30CH for cancer patients because there is no evidence of its effects against cancer. The is not a single published study on its properties, and no clinical trials have been conducted.

Escozul and Vidatox 30CH are not the same

To alert the community about Vidatox 30CH, they created a website: What is Vidatox? We invite you to visit their site, which has very interesting information about Vidatox.

Independent studies carried out by the University of Bologna in Italy showed that Vidatox 30CH contains no active principle of Blue Scorpion Venom in its final composition. It also proved that its high alcohol content stimulates the development of metastasis. To consult the analysis of this study, click here.

Other features of Vidatox 30CH:

  • When using water and alcohol in the elaboration of Vidatox 30CH, a chemical reaction occurs that releases heat, affecting the bonds of the proteins and producing changes in their structure that affect their properties. This is why there cannot be scientific studies supporting the use of Vidatox 30CH for cancer.
  • Discomforts such as stomach pain, gastritis, and burning in the mouth have are common in patients due to Vidatox alcoholic base.
  • According to studies, the analgesic effect of Vidatox is similar to that of paracetamol or aspirin.
  • No laboratory study has been done to indicate that it has antitumor properties.
  • It is sold freely on the Internet at $230 per month of treatment and does not require a personalized dose or Medical Follow-up.

Escozul ™ or Vidatox 30Ch: which is more effective?

After all the specifications that we have given on both products we can conclude the following:

The Escozul ™ (LifEscozul ™) treatment has anti-tumor and analgesic properties. It helps improve the patients' quality of life, and, in some cases, the disease disappears.

These results are closely related to the Personalized Medical Follow-up that we give to each patient from the beginning of the treatment, which allows us to make changes in the dosage when necessary.

The Escozul ™ (LifEscozul ™) treatment is prepared following the Certified Method designed by Doctor Alexis Díaz PhD., the highest authority regarding the Blue Scorpion Venom.

Vidatox 30CH is a homeopathic product that does not have scientific validation and is highly diluted (30CH). Therefore, its final formulation contains zero of the active ingredient of Blue Scorpion Venom. On the other hand, it's been proven that it accelerates the development of cancer cells and consequently metastasis.

The people who sell Vidatox 30CH do not carry a Medical Follow-up of the patient. They sell the same formula and dose to every patient regardless of their type of cancer or clinical condition.

All these characteristics make the treatment with Escozul ™ (LifEscozul ™), prepared by the LifEscozul ™ Group, much more effective against cancer than Vidatox 30CH.


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