Scorpions: Getting to know a little more

For most people, to mention the word scorpion or scorpion to them is to provoke a fulminating short-circuit. The image we have always had of these creatures evokes an ancient fear that activates all our survival mechanisms. In the field of medicine, however, theEscozulis the concentrated aqueous solution of the venom of the scorpion Rhopalurus junceus.

Escorpiones: conociento un poco más - LifEscozul™


Escozul is the concentrated aqueous solution of the venom of the scorpion Rhopalurus junceus (blue scorpion), a species endemic to Cuba, which means that it only exists in Cuba. Read: Escozul: Who is Rhopalurus junceus?

The production ofScozuldepends on natural scorpion populations, so supply is relatively low in relation to demand. Read: How is Escozul produced?

It is a completely natural solution with no chemical preservatives; it is harmless, which means that it does not harm the body, and it is administered orally.

It has been demonstrated that Escozul has antitumour effect, being able to selectively eliminate malignant tumour cells, which can be translated, depending on the type of tumour, into slowing down/stopping their growth and expansion, as well as preventing the appearance of metastases or reducing them.

All this results in the patient achieving an increased estimated survival time with a good quality of life. Studies have shown that the effectiveness of Escozul depends on an increasing dose-concentration ratio. Read: Antitumour effect of Escozul


El Escozul, once processed, is composed of:

  • Peptides of animal origin
  • Distilled water

The venom is extracted in distilled water and the concentration is calibrated to obtain the stock solution at a specific concentration, according to the needs of the patients. Read: How is Escozul made?

It is a completely natural compound that does not contain any chemical preservatives. Its transportation and storage requires a cold chain to maintain a stable temperature between 2 and 4ºC because proteins and peptides are sensitive to heat. Read: Learn how the reaction between water and alcohol can affect protein bonds.

Physical characteristics.

The venom of the pure Blue Scorpionfish is whitish and thick, with a faint smell of shellfish.

Once the drop of venom falls into the distilled water during extraction to form the stock solution, the venom is mostly dissolved in the water, resulting in a clear, odourless, colourless and tasteless solution, where small suspended particles can be seen in the light. Read: How to prepare Escozul/Quality control

As a highly concentrated protein solution, which does not contain any chemical preservatives, it decomposes when exposed to changes and/or increases in temperature, acquiring an unpleasant odour, and turning a greenish-yellow colour.


For shipping, Escozul is packaged in 30ml plastic bottles. It is shipped in polystyrene thermal boxes accompanied by cooling gels in order to maintain the temperature at optimal levels. Read: Storage and shelf life


Escozulis primarily indicated for the treatment of malignant tumours.

Its effectiveness will depend on the dose and concentration established once the case has been tested in solid tumours. Read: Factors affecting the effectiveness of Escozul.

Its effectiveness in benign tumours and immune system diseases (HIV AIDS, lupus, sclerosis) is not proven. It has no known effect on diabetes, pulmonary fibrosis, pemphigus vulgaris, psoriasis, vitiligo, etc. Read: Most common frauds with Escozul

Although it has known analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, it is not indicated for the treatment of inflammatory diseases or chronic pain (osteoarthritis, arthritis, migraine, myalgia) because of the limited availability of the drug, and because it does not represent a cure and would have to be used for life.

Escozul does not immunise against cancer, it is only effective while it is being taken, so it is not suggested for preventive use, as it would have to be taken permanently.