Terms and Conditions

Our website establishes spaces within it for visitors from different countries to send us the information required by the specialists for the registration of their data in our systems and to obtain a better control of the visitors.

The transmission of unwanted e-mail or also called spam is completely forbidden by our website.

For the use of information

Our web site will never use or market information provided by visitors to the site as much as their e-mail addresses. Users' e-mail addresses are protected because we use a customized security service with the best security systems worldwide in all languages.


This website includes all necessary technical measures to protect user information. When users submit their information through the website, their name and email address are protected both online and offline by our firewalls and encryption.

In cases where additional data such as full name, address, telephone numbers, among others, are requested for the purchase of our products by external companies that have no connection with our website. These data will be collected and used with the user's knowledge only for the management of the product shipment. Outside these cases our company has a secure server and fully recognized worldwide as secure payment platforms. So your information is protected.

Anyway, we invite you to consult the terms and privacy policy of the companies that provide us with this service and which you will be able to know at the moment before making any purchase.


This subject is detailed in our Privacy Policy. Please review it here.

Links to third party sites

Our website may provide links to other websites, but we have no control over those external sites, you acknowledge that our website provides these sites solely for your benefit and further agree that we are not responsible for the content of such external sites and their use is subject to the terms of use and privacy policies located at the link to such sites.

Notification of Changes

Whenever our website modifies any aspect of its Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions, these changes will be reflected on the same page.

Use of Personal Information

If you have registered in the form or have written comments on our website, we may use your information to send recommendations, news, promotions, notices of new articles to be published in the future.

If you do not want any type of advertising related to this topic to appear in your browser, you can configure the properties of your web browser as indicated in the Privacy Policy.