Does escozul cure cancer?, Blue Scorpion or Blue Scorpion Venom

Every day, through the different social networks in which we are present, we receive many opinions and questions related to Escozul and its healing power, always focused on whether Escozul cures cancer. In this article we are going to explain you a little more about this topic.

El Escozul™ cura el cancer? - LifEscozul™

The answer to this question is that Escozul is not considered a cure for cancer, nor is there any product in the world that can do it on its own, as cancer has multiple origins and is considered a multifactorial disease with mostly unpredictable behavior.

However, it is possible to live with cancer without this meaning a sentence for the patient. Although cancer is a fatal disease, today the efforts of various treatments are aimed at converting the disease from fatal to chronic and that the patient can lead a normal life with limitations focused on the type of diet and dependence on certain products, whether natural or conventional.

One of these natural products is Escozul, which has demonstrated selective activity on malignant cells, resulting in a halt to the growth of the disease. Stopping tumor growth, although it may not seem sufficient, helps the patient to recover and/or maintain a good quality of life, as well as to increase survival time, allowing him/her to recover the emotional stability so necessary to lead a satisfactory life.

Every week, we are in the habit of publishing a report on patients taking Escozul and the results achieved with the treatment, not in the form of a testimonial, but by offering the facts ascertained through the follow-up of the case and supported by medical documentation, available for consultation by anyone who requests it. We believe that all information should be available, both positive and negative experiences, so that people can form an opinion based on the facts and not on false expectations.

The cases we publish have obtained results ranging from a significant reduction of the tumor, elimination of metastases to a declaration of total remission of the disease. Others have only slowed or stopped the progression of the cancer.

The way to achieve these results with Escozul, begins with a detailed analysis of the case, which allows us to know exactly the characteristics of the disease and the physical and psychological state of the patient before starting treatment. Factors such as the emotional and physical condition, the type of cancer, its stage and aggressiveness, are considered before proposing a dose and concentration of Escozul with which the best possible results can be obtained.

However, not all patients have the same response to the dose of Escozul, the only way to determine this is through constant monitoring of the patient's evolution. This follow-up is nothing more than a report that the patient and/or family members must undertake to submit from time to time and that allows us, if necessary, to adjust the dose according to the results observed.

Only by working with a comprehensive approach can we achieve results that help patients improve their quality of life and extend their survival time. This is the work scheme that we follow with our cases and that allows us to obtain the results that we periodically publish from patients under treatment with Escozul.

I would like to make an aside to answer those people who ask us why, if Escozul is so effective, it did not cure former President Hugo Chávez.

You must know that Chávez was treated under a strict secrecy where even today not even half of the details are known. Most probably he was treated with a battery of conventional treatments that included from operations to chemotherapy. Nor do I rule out the use of other treatments, both natural and spiritual, but that is not known for sure. What I do know is that it is unlikely that he was treated with Escozul, since what the Cuban government promotes is a homeopathic compound called Vidatox which is not effective against cancer, and the use of Escozul is carried out by independent persons not associated with the government.

It must also be considered that the type of cancer presented by former President Chavez, is considered one of the most aggressive and difficult to treat, which added to his lifestyle, shortened his chances of survival.

Sometimes, as contradictory as it may seem, "normal" people have more search options than people with public appeal, who are somehow forced to follow a conventional path in the face of skepticism from the physicians handling the case.

Escozul is not a cure for cancer, it is simply a natural alternative with the ability to eliminate tumor cells, without affecting healthy cells and allowing the patient to maintain a good quality of life. It is, at this time, the best natural option against cancer. Although much remains to be studied, Escozul has brought hope to thousands of people.