Escozul: How much does it cost?

What are the costs?

Aspects to consider for shipping Escozul(LifEscozul) treatment

What are the Escozul™ Help Programs?

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Escozul is a product in development that is currently in clinical trials, therefore it cannot be sold commercially nor are there authorized distributors.

It is important to point out that there are no other laboratories in Cuba or the rest of the world offering the LifEscozul formula currently in the process of patenting and obtaining a Health Registry by Grupo LifEscozul.

However, although their distribution is free, there are a number of costs associated with obtaining services that need to be explained by country, as well as patient support programs that are implemented at different stages and are aimed at helping financially.

Today we will answer these questions in this article and give all the reasons why treatment with Escozul (LifEscozul ) cannot and should not have a cost for now.

Costs: How much does Escozul treatment cost? LifEscozul

Escozul is a product in development by LifEscozul Laboratories and in agreements with partner universities. It has no commercial value and there are no authorized distributors.

Escozul is a natural product still under biomedical research by our Research and Development Department , led by Dr. Alexis Díaz , the highest scientific authority on Blue Scorpion Venom.

Escozul itself cannot be marketed or sold until investigations are completed. It is very important to make this point clear to users, patients and their families, because it implies an ethical question that defines the nature of the relationships between the patient and Grupo LifEscozul, while being a method to detect whether fraud is happening, because anyone that claims to sell Escozul is certainly a fraud.

However, to obtain Escozul (LifEscozul) treatment, there are other costs that must be considered by the patient.

What are the costs for obtaining Escozul treatment? LifEscozul

Grupo LifEscozul offers several options to obtain Escozul (LifEscozul) treatment, but first we must emphasize that Escozul is not produced outside Cuba, since it is obtained from populations of a species of scorpion that only inhabits this island.

LifEscozul formula has been certified in FDA labs, proven to be safe for human consumption and we are the only company that offers such a guarantee.

Also, it is the only formula made from Blue Scorpion Venom that does not lose effectiveness over time, thanks to its degree of purity and the use of preservatives.

There are people who claim that this scorpion also lives in Haiti or the Dominican Republic, but this is not true and the product they offer does not contain the active ingredient present in Blue Scorpion Venom.

In addition, each Escozul dose is customized according to the case, so there is a production time of Escozul that prevents it from being delivered immediately.

The options for obtaining Escozul (LifEscozul) treatment are as follows:

  • Travel to Cuba.
  • Receive it at home from Cuba.

A patient who decides to go to Cuba to seek Escozul (LifEscozul) treatment will face a number of costs that should be considered:

  • Visa cost.
  • Travel insurance cost.
  • Cost of stay.
  • Transportation cost.
  • Cost of care appointment with the producer.
  • Food costs.
  • Cost of airfare, considering high or low season.

The cost of traveling to Cuba can range from $800 to $1,200 on average, which can increase depending on the country where you travel from or if you need to go in the high season. It is important to clarify that each trip to Cuba represents only a 3-month course of treatment.

In case the patient decides to have Escozul (LifEscozul) treatment delivered to their home, the services to consider will change and the associated costs are:

  • Shipping to home address.
  • Exit customs taxes.
  • Transport of dose collection.
  • Cold chain during shipment.
  • Suitable packaging for shipping.
  • Permission management.

A shipment of Escozul (LifEscozul) treatment can cost between $80 to $110 per month on average if the destination country is in Latin America. In the case of Europe and Asia the values change depending on the country where the drug will be received, as international shipping costs change.

Other aspects to consider for shipping Escozul (LifEscozul) treatment

One of the highest costs is the cold chain, which must be maintained. For this, it is necessary to use a courier that specializes in the subject and can ensure that in each terminal there are conditions to keep Escozul refrigerated.

Experience has really shown us that proper Medical Follow-up ensures that the patient gets the best possible results according to their case.

It is also important to consider that during the extraction of Blue Scorpion Venom, laboratory materials are used that are single-use and whose replenishment is constant, as are the elements used to measure the concentration of Blue Scorpion Venom and the appropriate materials for its packaging and shipping.

The sum of these costs results in the value that must be paid for Escozul (LifEscozul) treatment to arrive at the patient’s home quickly and safely.

What are the Escozul Help Programs?

We know there are patients who cannot afford the costs of obtaining Escozul. At Grupo LifEscozul we are aware about this situation, so we have sought alternatives that allow money to not be a limiting factor to access Escozul(LifEscozul) treatment.

In our section: Escozul: Help Programs for Patients in Treatment we explain in detail the procedures for accessing these programs and the types of aid. To date over 4,000 patients have benefited from this assistance and the idea is for it to continue to increase.

For Grupo LifEscozul, the most important thing is for patients to begin treatment with Escozul (LifEscozul) as soon as possible, however, they must be informed and prepared to face the associated costs so that these costs are not unexpected, only then will we obtain the results we all hope for.

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