What is LifEscozul® treatment?

Learn the fundamental aspects to understand what LifEscozul® treatment is

What is LifEscozul® treatment?

LifEscozul® treatment is the most advanced and effective treatment available, produced from the active ingredients present in Blue Scorpion Venom and the result of 17 years of research created by Dr. Alexis Diaz, the highest scientific authority on the properties of Blue Scorpion Venom.

When Escozul® emerged as a potential cancer product in the 1980s, it was a natural product with an artisanal form of preparation. Dilute the venom in water and give it to the patient empirically to see what results were obtained. 

This methodology was inefficient and created the conditions for the active ingredient in the venom to degrade and lose its properties. Not to mention the possible contamination by bacteria. This explains the almost complete absence of published medical results and scientific articles in that period. 

The Grupo LifEscozul® began to develop a methodology based on the scientific method, incorporating the research experience of more than 17 years and creating a personalized treatment, with biosafety and efficacy models that guarantee that we have been able to obtain more than 3,000 clinical results in patients with various types of cancer. 

Currently, with more than 4 research agreements with several Universities and 12 research projects, our LifEscozul® formulation is in the process of being patented and ready to start the Clinical Trials required by the health authorities in 2021 for its Sanitary Registration, which makes us the leading company in Results and Research worldwide.

We are the Group LifEscozul® and Results define us.

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