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What is, what is it made of, and from what species is it obtained?

From the Venom of the blue scorpion to the LifEscozul ™ (Escozul ™) Protocol

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What is blue scorpion venom?

The Venom of the Blue Scorpion is the raw material containing the active principles used to produce the Escozul ™ for the LifEscozul ™ Protocol.

The Venom of the Blue Scorpion is obtained from the species Rhopalurus junceus, which is lives only in Cuba. The venom is extracted through electrical stimulation.

The studies carried out by the Research and Development Department of the LifEscozul ™ Group, led by Dr. Alexis Díaz, the highest authority in the Venom of the Blue Scorpion, demonstrate the antitumor effect of some components present in the venom of the Blue Scorpion.

However, it is necessary to isolate these components and purify them. Otherwise, they are susceptible to fast degradation.

In the LifEscozul ™ Group we have perfected the method of preparation of Escozul ™ and have created the LifEscozul ™ treatment, the most effective and safe formulation made with the Venom of the Blue Scorpion. Our formulation has allowed us to obtain more than 3000 positive results in cancer patients and o publish our research in scientific journals such as Frontier Pharmacology.

The results that we have observed in patients range from improving their symptoms to eliminating the disease. In either case, there's improvement in the quality of life in general.

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What is the composition of the blue scorpion venom?

Over the years and through research, it's been found that the Blue Scorpion Venom is composed of proteins capable of penetrating the tumor and activating mechanisms that can significantly reduce it.

The Blue Scorpion Venom is a milky, opalescent fluid with a pH of 7.12 containing mucus, lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids, inorganic salts, and proteins.

The major component of the Blue Scorpion Venom is peptides. These molecules are responsible for the therapeutic effect against different pathologies.

Unlike snakes, bees, or spiders venoms, the Blue Scorpion Venom contains few enzymes, making it less toxic.

In the particular case of the Rhopalurus junceus venom, it does not show toxicity. Hyaluronidase is the only enzyme detected, though it is potentially degraded when the venom is taken by mouth.

From which species is the venom of the blue scorpion obtained?

The venom is extracted from a scorpion endemic to Cuba: Rhopalurus junceus by its scientific name. Outside of Cuba, it has relatives or cousins, but none have shown antitumor properties.

An advantage of this species is that it has been in isolation for millions of years. So, its venom has evolved differently from the venom of other scorpions. As a result, this venom lacks the toxins that can cause allergies or irritation when taken by mouth.

Additionally, the fact that their populations have almost no predators has allowed them to be extensive, making the obtention of the venom relatively easy.

For more information about the blue scorpion, we invite you to read our article: Who is Rhopalurus junceus?

The most important thing about this venom is that it is the raw material to make Escozul ™. We must understand that the Blue Scorpion Venom is not the same as Escozul ™. The venom is the base from which the active principles identified as anti-tumor are extracted.

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From the Blue Scorpion Venom to the LifEscozul ™ (Escozul ™) Protocol

Patients have come to us claiming to have heard that the Blue Scorpion Venom is harmful to health. The truth is that it is not as long as the Certified Method by the LifEscozul ™ Group is applied in its preparation.

in the LifEscozul ™ Group, we developed a Certified Method to elaborate the Escozul ™ treatment: LifEscozul ™, thanks to more than 17 years of scientific research by Doctor Alexis Díaz, the highest authority in the Blue Scorpion Venom. 

Currently, our Certified Method is the only one that guarantees the patient's safety and treatment efficacy. The products made under the "artisan" method do not have these characteristics. When the Blue Scorpion Venom does not go through a filtering process, its impurities tend to degrade the active principle.

Our LifEscozul ™ formulation is in the process of obtaining a Health Registry, and each dose is determined according to the patient's condition and diagnosis.

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For its elaboration, our Scientific Team goes through 9 stages:



Stage 1: Extraction of the venom of the Blue Scorpion

The venom is carefully extracted to avoid contamination of the sample.

Stage 2: Microbiological Control

It is checked that the sample is not contaminated.

Stage 3: Processing of the venom

The active ingredient is isolated from the rest of the components of the Blue Scorpion Venom.

Stage 4: Protein Concentration

This step will allow us to determine the personalized dose for each patient.

Stage 5: Determination of Dose

Each patient receives a personalized and unique dose according to their type of cancer.

Stage 6: Adding Preservatives

By adding preservatives the sample will not lose its antitumor, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties

Stage 7: Expiration Date

To avoid damage, it is vital that the cold chain is not lost, as its properties are affected by changes in temperature.

Stage 8: Preparation of the correct packaging

We include: a cooler, flasks and refrigerant.

Stage 9: Specialized Medical Follow-up

It is carried out weekly or bi-weekly to each of the patients who are in our Protocol, it is carried out by our Medical Team, it is personalized and it is monitored by our Specialist in Clinical Trials.


These 9 Stages of our Certified Method make our LifEscozul ™ formulation the most effective and safe, based on the Venom of the Blue Scorpion.

Throughout more than 17 years of studying its medical properties, we have obtained more than 3000 positive clinical results in the treatment of cancer patients. That makes the LifEscozul ™ Group the leading company in research and results with Blue Scorpion Venom.

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Other aspects to highlight are:

- Through the associated FDA-certified laboratories (Salimax), the LifEscozul ™ Group is the only company that performs toxicity and quality tests on the Blue Scorpion Venom for the development of the LifEscozul ™ formulation, which allows us to offer guarantees both for scientific research and for our patients.

- To date, we have 12 research projects, and we are the only company that continues to investigate the Venom of the Blue Scorpion in collaboration with the University of Chile, the University of Talca, among others.

- Another of our main objectives is the identification, purification, and synthesis of the active protein compounds of the Blue Scorpion Venom with several laboratories in the United States. In this way, we will develop a synthetic and safe formulation by the year 2025 and thus protect the Rhopalurus junceus populations.

There is still much to discover in the research of the Blue Scorpion Venom properties.

We are working hard to launch more research that provides patients with enough information to understand how our Escozul ™ (LifEscozul ™) treatment can help them.

We believe that information is the basic principle in every relationship and joint framework.

We are the LifEscozul ™ Group and the Results Define us.