What diseases does Blue Scorpion Venom cure? LifEscozul®

Learn which diseases LifEscozul® treatment works for (Blue Scorpion Venom, Escozul®)

What diseases does Blue Scorpion Venom cure? LifEscozul®

This is a question we are asked every day. The most honest answer is to say that LifEscozul® (Blue Scorpion Venom, Escozul®) treatment has been tested only in cancer and outside this disease, where we have obtained very remarkable successes, it has not been tested. 

It is true that some of our cancer patients also have other types of diseases, such as arthritis, where we have seen some improvement. But it is still too early, without the corresponding scientific studies, to affirm that it can be used for ailments other than cancer.  

However, for a certain group of cancers, we have obtained remarkable results both in quality of life and disease control, and in some cases the total disappearance of the disease.  

The Grupo LifEscozul® has been researching the medical properties of Blue Scorpion Venom (Escozul®) for more than 17 years, and thanks to the studies carried out on the antitumor active principles present in the venom, our Research and Development Team, led by Doctor Alexis Díaz, developed the most effective and unique formulation from Blue Scorpion Venom: LifEscozul®.


With our treatment LifEscozul® we have obtained more than 3000 positive results for different types of cancer in patients of different ages and genders.

Thanks to our research and medical follow-up to our patients in Highly Specialized Protocol, we have been able to determine which is the active principle of the Blue Scorpion Venom (Escozul®) and how it acts in oncological patients, obtaining the following results:

- It inhibits the development of malignant tumor cells.

- It delays the growth of the tumor and sometimes decreases its size, reaching the point of disappearing it completely in some cases.

- It relieves pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.


What diseases can be treated with Blue Scorpion Venom?

In this sense, Blue Scorpion Venom, under the formulation of LifEscozul®, can be used to treat the following types of cancer and with different percentages of effectiveness, restoring quality of life to patients and delaying the progression of the disease:


To learn more about the Results we have achieved and to see some of our patients' cases in more depth, go to our Most Recent Results section. 

It is very important to note that LifEscozul® is a totally natural product, presents zero toxicity and is safe orally.

The Grupo LifEscozul® is the only company in the process of obtaining a Health Registration and the patent for the LifEscozul® formulation (the most advanced and effective formulation made with Blue Scorpion Venom).


Blue Scorpion Venom has antitumor and analgesic properties, and thanks to the research conducted by our Research and Development Team led by Dr. Alexis Diaz, we have been able to develop our unique formulation: LifEscozul®. 

After 17 years of research, we have obtained outstanding results in more than 20 types of cancer, managing to delay the progression of the disease and in some cases make it disappear, improving the quality of life of our more than 3,000 patients.

We are the Grupo LifEscozul® and the Results define us.