What is Vidatox and what is it for? LifEscozul®

Let's know what 30CH means and the scientific opinion on Vidatox

What is Vidatox and what is it for? LifEscozul®

It is a homeopathic product indicated as a complementary therapy according to the medical leaflet, created by the company LABIOFAM for the treatment of symptoms caused by the effects of cancer and pain relief. Each mL (20 drops) contains: Hydroalcoholic solution at 33% of Rhopalurus Junceus venom (Blue Scorpion Venom) 30CH.

However, it has been strongly questioned by the Cuban scientific community because there is not a single pre-clinical or clinical study that demonstrates that Vidatox has a positive impact on cancer. For more information visit: What is Vidatox.

In addition, because it is a highly diluted product in its final formulation it is impossible to find any trace of the active ingredient of the Blue Scorpion Venom, which has been demonstrated by two of the most prestigious Universities in the world. 

Studies on the Effect of Vidatox 30CH on the human organism 

It is important to note that there is only one scientific study published on Vidatox 30CH, which showed that it is ineffective against tumors.  

Another result that caught the attention of researchers and makes this product even more questioned, is that Vidatox 30CH provokes and accelerates metastasis due to the high alcohol content.

This study was published in 2017 in the journal Nature. 


What does 30CH mean?

The basic principles of homeopathy suggest that the main diluent used to prepare remedies is water and alcohol.

To arrive at a 30CH dilution, one part of Blue Scorpion Venom is taken and 99 parts of diluent are added, thus giving a 1CH dilution. After this 1CH, 1 milliliter is taken and mixed with 99 parts of the diluent, thus becoming 2CH. This process is repeated until 30CH is reached.

Knowing this it is easier to understand that it is impossible for the final formulation of Vidatox 30CH to have at least 1% of the Blue Scorpion Venom, in the end it is just water and alcohol.



Vidatox 30CH is a homeopathic product which has been shown by scientific studies to cause cancer cell growth and accelerate metastasis due to its high alcohol content.  

Since it is a homeopathic medicine, it does not have the validity of the scientific community and also has the maximum degree of dilution: 30CH, which makes it impossible that in its final formulation it contains the active principle obtained from the Blue Scorpion Venom.

Its dosage is the same regardless of the type of cancer or the patient's condition, which makes it impossible for it to be effective in cancer therapy. 

The high alcohol content can cause serious reactions in patients. 

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