Escozul® Storage, Shelf Life and Quality Control

Conservación y caducidad / Control de calidad

Conservation and shelf life

El Escozul® is composed only of purified blue scorpion venom (which is a protein) and water. Preservatives have been added to the formulation to maintain its stability, however it is very important to maintain the cold chain at all times.

Since it is a protein, it must be kept refrigerated in order to avoid damage. Escozul® is transported in a cold chain to avoid exposure to high temperatures that may decompose the protein and affect its properties.

In the first stability tests performed on the product Escozul®, presented in 2005, it was demonstrated that the drug has a shelf life of 3 months when refrigerated between 2 and 8 ºC, and 14 months when frozen.

Quality control

Before starting the process of extracting the venom and preparing the product, the work area is disinfected and the instruments to be used both in the extraction and in the preparation of the master formula stock solution are disinfected Escozul® and sterilized. The laboratory technician wears a mask, gloves and cap to avoid contamination of the sample.

Prior to the extraction of the venom, the scorpion tails are cleaned with ethyl alcohol to avoid possible contamination of the extracted venom. The venom drops are dropped in a determined amount of distilled water, obtaining the magistral formula or stock solution of Escozul®.

The solution is then purified and the concentration is determined in order to send the prescribed amount to the patient. This final solution is tested to rule out biological contamination and a sample is left for any subsequent verification.

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