Escozul: Contraindications and Combination with Other Treatments

Escozul® Contraindicaciones con otros tratamientos

Contraindications of Escozul

It has been proven that there are no contraindications in the use of Escozul™. Most of the patients we treat at LifEscozul™ Group, depending on their age, have other conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, hyper or hypothyroidism.

We even receive patients with chronic liver or kidney damage secondary to the disease and they can be treated with Escozul™ (LifEscozul™), as well as patients with cardiac or coagulation problems.

Likewise, Escozul™ has been used in children under one year of age without causing adverse reactions.

Combination of Escozul with Other Treatments

Most patients undergo multiple treatments at the same time, and Escozul® can be taken in conjunction with conventional treatments such as: chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, gene therapy, etc. It can also be taken in conjunction with most alternative treatments.

In general, it is requested that when the patient is taking other treatments that are taken orally, to leave half an hour between the consumption of Escozul® and any other product.

In the specific case of chemotherapy, experience has shown that in many patients the joint use of Escozul® helps to better tolerate the adverse effects, either by decreasing their intensity or their duration.