Escozul: How is it taken?

Appropriate and inappropriate ways to take it

LifEscozul™ - Formas apropiadas y no apropiada de tomar el Escozul

Not all patients take Escozul™ in the same dose and concentration, this will be determined by our Medical Team after analysing the case and the type of cancer, its stage and the physical conditions of the patient.

It is important to note that the only route of administration that is proven to be safe (that does not cause harm to the patient's body) is the oral route. Therefore, the patient must be able to tolerate fluid intake in order for Escozul™ to be effective.

Escozul™ is therefore administered orally dissolved in water to facilitate its distribution and absorption in the body. It is taken 4 times a day separately from food, drinks and other medicines.

The only proven way to take Escozul™ is by mouth.

Occasionally patients come in who have spoken to fake distributors of Escozul™ who tell them to use the drug in other forms, e.g. powder, ointment, vaccination, stem cell or vaporisation.

All this is untrue.

As mentioned above, the only way to administer the drug that is proven to be safe for health is the oral route.

Regarding vaporisations, starting from the fact that Blue Scorpion Venom is a protein, if heat is supplied to it, it denatures and its properties change, so it cannot be administered as a vaporisation because it loses its effectiveness.

With regard to injections, these represent a health risk to the patient, as Escozul™ is not a product that meets the quality requirements for safe administration by injection.

There is also no study showing that adding stem cells to Blue Scorpion Venom can increase efficacy.

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