Escozul: What is it for?

Escozul® ¿Para que sirve?

Many people who contact us to obtain Escozulusually ask us if it is a cure for cancer, and our answer is always the same: It is not possible to consider Escozulas a cure for cancer, and being as realistic as possible, we also say that there is no universal cure for cancer.

This is because there are many types of cancer with different origins and with different structures, so believing or assuming that a single product can cure this disease takes us away from the possibility of doing something real for the patient.

What is Escozul used for?

Escozulis a totally natural product made using the active ingredient present in the venom of a scorpion that only lives in Cuba (Rhopalurus junceus). It is known, through laboratory studies, that its active ingredient acts selectively on malignant tumor cells inhibiting their development, thus delaying tumor growth and sometimes reducing their size.

At first sight it may seem that this is not enough, however, experience has taught us that thanks to this property it is possible to offer the patient a longer survival time than initially estimated by the doctors.

Although the cancer is not eliminated in all cases, the mortality rate is considerably reduced, allowing the patient to live with the disease. This is known as antitumor property.

In addition to its antitumor properties, it is known that Escozulcan act as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, which can help the patient to improve his quality of life.

With respect to pain, we have observed that it is achieved to decrease its intensity and/or its frequency of occurrence with the continuous use of Escozulin most cases. This helps the patient to reduce the amount of analgesics per intake or to lengthen the time between intakes, allowing him to achieve a quality of life that is not common in the disease. Likewise, there are cases in which pain control is not achieved and other types of analgesics, such as morphine, must be resorted to.

As an anti-inflammatory we have observed that its effect is limited. It is necessary to know that some inflammation in cancer patients is caused, for example, by fluid retention in the abdomen (ascitic fluid). That type of inflammation is not solved by the use of Escozul™, because it depends on stopping the production of that fluid in the organism.

Based on these properties, Escozulis preferentially used to treat malignant tumors because of its ability to control tumor growth, which in most cases results in longer patient survival time.

As the availability of the drug is limited, it is not normally used for the treatment of chronic pain or inflammation conditions.

What Escozul is not good for?

There is no study that demonstrates that Escozulcan have an action on the immune system, so it is not usually used for the treatment of diseases related to the immune system, such as: HIV (AIDS), lupus, multiple sclerosis.

As it has been demonstrated that Escozulonly acts on malignant tumor cells it is not used in the treatment of benign tumors, nor is it used for diabetes, hypertension, pemphigus, psoriasis, osteoarthritis, arthritis or rheumatism.

There is no drug capable of treating such different diseases effectively, and when someone proposes something like this to us we are clearly facing a scam.

In summary, Escozulserves to provide the patient with effective control over the development of the cancer and a notable improvement in their quality of life, which translates into a longer survival time, but it does not represent a cure for cancer.