Cancer of the Tonsil

Cancer of the tonsil tends to occur more frequently in people over 60 years of age, mostly men. It is frequently related to other types of cancers in nearby areas.

LifEscozul™ - Tonsil Cancer

Five-year survival rates are around 66%. Treatment options offered by conventional medicine range from surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy on cancer-specific genes and proteins, and palliative treatments. The treatment options and effectiveness for patients with advanced cancer are mostly aimed at keeping the disease under control for as long as possible and relieving symptoms.

Escozul™ can be administered in conjunction with any conventional treatment. Escozul™ is intended to work not only on the cancer but also on the patient's quality of life. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects help to improve the quality of life in about 65 to 75% of the patients treated. Through its antitumor effect, depending on the stage, one of the following results is expected: to be able to slow down the progression of the disease, to stop tumor growth, to reduce the size of lesions or to eliminate tumor lesions.

It is important to point out that Escozul™ is not considered a cure for cancer, it is a natural medicine that converts this deadly disease into a controlled chronic one, offering also quality of life.

Results in different cases

Tonsil cancer Patient: Elena Age: 55 years Country: Romania

Patient with left tonsil cancer with residual tumor post treatment declared cancer free after one year of treatment with Escozul™.

Initial Diagnosis:

Stage II left tonsil carcinoma, treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, presenting residual tumor.

Initial symptoms:

  • - Discomfort in left tonsil area.
  • - General weakness
  • - Weight loss of more than 10 kilos.

Treatment with Escozul™:

Started on Escozul™ in September 2014. The patient had previously received chemotherapy and radiotherapy without success in eliminating the tumor, only shrinking it. As she was still in significant physical discomfort and the doctors were no longer offering her any more treatments, she decided to look for alternative options such as Escozul™.

Escozul™ is a natural product that has the ability to eliminate tumor cells without being a cure for cancer. Its ability to inhibit malignant cell growth allows it to be used as a disease controller and the work approach is done looking for the patient to be able to live with his disease with the least possible affectation to his daily routine.

Evolution and results:

After the first month of treatment, Elena indicated improvement in symptoms. After three months of treatment, she reported that the general weakness disappeared, and that she had gained weight, improving food intake by reducing the discomfort in the affected area.

After 7 months of treatment, Elena regained her normal weight, reported no pain or discomfort in the tonsil area, reported feeling well in general, and on physical examination the disease appeared stable.

In August 2015, Elena underwent an ultrasound where it was indicated that there was no presence of residual tumor, that the tumor had disappeared. Elena continued to feel well and was going about her daily activities.

We received Elena's last report in May 2016, her blood tests continued very well, as did her physical condition. In the last visit to the oncologist in her country, the same after physical examination of the tonsil area, stated that no masses or adenopathies were palpable and that there was no evidence of the disease.

The patient was discharged considering that the disease was eliminated.

In this case, the use of Escozul™ was able to eliminate the residual tumor that Elena presented after having been treated with the conventional treatments available in her country. This meant that Elena was able to resume her normal life, eliminate the symptoms caused by the presence of the tumor and have a better outlook for survival.

As we always say, it is important to point out that it is not possible to generalize any result with Escozul™ to avoid creating false expectations in people, Escozul™ does not work miracles. Only working together and constant communication allow to keep the doses of Escozul™ personalized and functional against tumors.

It is also important to say that all the medical information of the case is available for consultation, as well as the contact with the medical counterpart of both the oncologist who attended the case and our specialists. We believe in transparency in dealing with our patients and the right to form an opinion based on information and analysis.

If you wish to be treated under the Escozul™ Protocol, you should know the following: Escozul™ is a product that we are still investigating, including its other properties such as analgesic and anti-inflammatory, therefore it is not a commercial product, i.e. it cannot be sold. Each case that wishes to enter our protocol must be evaluated and approved because Escozul™ is not effective in all types of tumors. Once approved, the patient and his family members must commit to maintain a fluid contact with our medical team.

To enter the protocol you must send us an email to: indicating the patient's age, the type of cancer and the patient's physical and emotional state. This is the first step, and a specialist will take charge of the case. Our response time is an hour or two because each case is answered personally, not automatically. The idea is that the communication we establish is always governed by a professional and humane treatment.

Prepared by LifEscozul™ Group April /2016

Medical Documents

LifEscozul™ - Elena 1 - Cáncer de Amígdala
LifEscozul™ - Elena 1 - Cáncer de Amígdala
LifEscozul™ - Elena 1 - Cáncer de Amígdala
LifEscozul™ - Elena 1 - Cáncer de Amígdala