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Escozul™ can be administered in conjunction with any conventional treatment. Escozul™ seeks to work not only on the cancer but also on the patient's quality of life.

LifEscozul™ - Melanoma

Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects help to improve the quality of life in about 65 to 75% of the patients treated. Through its antitumor effect, depending on the stage, one of the following results is expected: to slow down the disease progression, stop tumor growth, reduce the size of lesions or eliminate tumor lesions.

It is important to point out that Escozul™ is not considered a cure for cancer, it is a natural medicine that converts this deadly disease into a controlled chronic one, also offering quality of life.

Results in different cases

Malignant melanoma (skin cancer) with metastasis to lung and brain. Patient: Daniela Age: 41

Patient with operated malignant melanoma, with metastasis to lung and brain gets reduction of brain nodules after 3 months of treatment with Escozul™.

Daniela is a 41-year-old patient with a history of malignant melanoma operated on in 2014. She came to us in June 2017 already presenting multiple metastases in lungs and brain. After 3 months of treatment the lesions in brain and accompanying inflammation have started to decrease.

Case summary:

We share the case of a 41-year-old female patient who came to us in June 2017, with a diagnosis of operated malignant melanoma cancer, which had metastasized to lungs and brain.

When we received the medical documentation we were able to ascertain that Daniela had presented with a cutaneous nodular melanoma (skin cancer) that had been operated on in 2014. By June 2017, she presented lesions in lungs and brain, in the latter specifically in infra and supratentorial location, with 5 nodules in left hemisphere the largest of 52mm, 4 nodules in right hemisphere, the largest of 32mm, with associated inflammation.

Once the case was analyzed by our specialists, we informed the family what they could expect with Escozul™ and the possibilities of achieving good results. Daniela's case is a difficult one, due to the multiple involvement of the lungs and brain, and the various lethal effects that can occur due to the malfunctioning of these two organs.

Each dose of Escozul™ is personalized, specific to the type of tumor and its aggressiveness. These doses can change over time according to the results observed in the patient. This requires an effective communication between the patient and our medical team to allow us to make the appropriate recommendations on different aspects. If the patient or family members do not maintain fluid communication with us, then the results with Escozul™ will not be as expected.

Daniela started treatment with Escozul™ in June 2017. She was undergoing a 10-day radiotherapy treatment.

Current results:

In MRI done 3 months after starting treatment, it is observed that the tumors in brain have decreased. In left left hemisphere the largest nodule is now 35mm (previously 52mm). In the right hemisphere the largest nodule is now 23mm (before 32mm).

The results in Daniela's case, despite the short time she has been taking Escozul™, indicate a positive response, and she has managed to start reducing the size of the nodules in the brain, which implies an improvement in her prognosis.

Daniela continues with the use of Escozul™ with doses with increased concentration, seeking to maintain and improve the results obtained and to be able to offer Daniela, such a young person, the option to continue living with better quality of life and to continue fighting the disease.

As we always say, it is important to point out that it is not possible to generalize any result with Escozul™ to avoid creating false expectations in people, Escozul™ does not work miracles. Only working together and constant communication allow to keep the doses of Escozul™ personalized and functional against tumors.

It is also important to say that all the medical information of the case is available for consultation, as well as the contact with the medical counterpart of both the oncologist who attended the case and our specialists. We believe in transparency in dealing with our patients and the right to form an opinion based on information and analysis.

If you wish to be treated under the Escozul™ Protocol, you should know the following: Escozul™ is a product that we are still investigating, including its other properties such as analgesic and anti-inflammatory, therefore it is not a commercial product, i.e. it cannot be sold. Each case that wishes to enter our protocol must be evaluated and approved because Escozul™ is not effective in all types of tumors. Once approved, the patient and his family members must commit to maintain a fluid contact with our medical team.

To enter the protocol you must send us an email to: indicating the patient's age, the type of cancer and the patient's physical and emotional state. This is the first step, and a specialist will take charge of the case. Our response time is an hour or two because each case is answered personally, not automatically. The idea is that the communication we establish is always governed by a professional and humane treatment.

Prepared by LifEscozul™ Group September/2017

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