Maxillofacial Cancer

Cancers of epithelial origin generally have a good response to treatment with Escozul. Its administration seeks to work not only on the cancer but also on the patient's quality of life.

LifEscozul™ - Maxillofacial Cancer

Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects help to improve the quality of life in about 65 to 75% of the patients treated. Through its antitumor effect it is expected, depending on the stage, one of the following results: to slow down the disease progression, stop tumor growth, reduce the size of lesions or eliminate tumor lesions.

It is important to point out that Escozul™ is not considered a cure for cancer, it is a natural medicine that converts this deadly disease into a controlled chronic one, also offering quality of life.

Results in different cases

Maxillary Cancer Patient: Maria del Carmen Age: 69 years old

Results obtained with Escozul™ in a patient with Maxillary Cancer with metastasis to the Lung.


Maria, 69 years old, began her suffering in 2013 when she presented a tumor in the oral cavity which was operated on, receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions. Later in 2014, a metastasis appeared in her left lung, for which she also received chemotherapy but without achieving a response on the tumor.

Analysis to determine treatment with Escozul™:

Given this situation, we were contacted in February 2016, looking for an alternative treatment that would help his mom fight the disease.

We proceeded to request the medical information of the case, which is always the first thing patients are asked for to determine if and how Escozul™ can help them.

Analyzing the documentation, we saw that it was a metastasis in the lung of a differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, secondary to the maxillofacial tumor for which Maria had undergone surgery.

Once the case had been analyzed, we explained to the family what to expect from the treatment and the possibility of achieving these results. Maria started Escozul™ in mid-February 2016.

It is important to say that Escozul™ is a natural product that has been shown to have the ability to eliminate tumor cells, without this meaning that it is a cure for cancer.

Its capacity to inhibit malignant cell growth allows it to be used as a disease controller and the focus of the work is done so that the patient can live with his disease with the least possible effect on his daily routine.

Evolution, follow-up and current results:

12 days after starting treatment with Escozul™, Maria's daughter tells us that her mother has presented better appetite, and has a better countenance. In addition, she was able to resume her morning walks as she did before the disease. One month after treatment, Maria continued to do very well physically, reporting no symptoms of the disease.

In May, 3 months after starting Escozul™, Maria's condition continued very well, with weight gain and excellent mood.

Maria's daughter tells us that, in addition, the febrile episodes that she presented before starting Escozul™ had disappeared, and that she has more energy to carry out her activities.

In June 2016, 5 months after starting treatment, a chest CT scan showed stable disease, with no new lesions appearing. Blood tests are generally good and Maria's physical condition continues to be very good.

These results have led Maria to undergo surgery to remove the lung mass and thus eliminate the disease.

Despite not being a cure, the use of Escozul™ in this case has helped in a short time to keep the disease stable, improving Maria's physical condition in a notorious way and opening new possibilities to fight the disease.


As we always say, it is important to point out that it is not possible to generalize any results with Escozul™ to avoid creating false expectations in people, Escozul™ does not work miracles. Only working together and constant communication allow us to keep the doses of Escozul™ personalized and functional against tumors.

It is also important to say that all the medical information of the case is available for consultation, as well as the contact with the medical counterpart of both the oncologist who attended the case and our specialists. We believe in transparency in dealing with our patients and the right to form an opinion based on information and analysis.

If you wish to be treated by our specialists please contact us at: servicios@ If you want to know more about Escozul™ and our work you can find information on this website.

Medical Documents

LifEscozul™ - María del Carmen 1 - Cáncer Maxilar
LifEscozul™ - María del Carmen 1 - Cáncer Maxilar
LifEscozul™ - María del Carmen 1 - Cáncer Maxilar
LifEscozul™ - María del Carmen 1 - Cáncer Maxilar
LifEscozul™ - María del Carmen 1 - Cáncer Maxilar
LifEscozul™ - María del Carmen 1 - Cáncer Maxilar