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Romina Soledad Quinteros - Breast Cancer- Resultados con LifEscozul™ Breast Cancer

Introduction to the case

Invasive or Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma is the most common type of breast cancer, approximately 8 out of 10 breast cancers are of this type. These originate from the cells that line the ducts and lobules in the breast (which is the gland that makes breast milk).

In March 2018 Romina was diagnosed with Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma at the age of 43.

To treat her disease her doctors removed a quarter of her right breast. Following surgery a CT scan indicated that there were metastases at the base of the lumbar vertebrae and in the bones that form the pelvis.

Romina had a lot of lumbar pain and felt the need to find a natural treatment that combined with traditional medicine would help her overcome her disease. When she started treatment with LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom) her prognosis began to change.

Let's see her results.

  • Clinical Data

    Romina Soledad Quinteros, 43 years old at the beginning of treatment with LifEscozul.

  • Symptomatology

    Pain in the lumbar spine at L5.

  • Protocol Start


  • Specialist assigned to Grupo LifEscozul

    Dr. Aaron Sarmiento

  • Diagnostics

    Infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the right breast with bone metastases in the pelvis and lumbar spine.


In March 2018 Romina was diagnosed with cancer in her right breast, specifically an Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma.

In her right breast she had two tumors: one of 1.2 centimeters and another of 0.7 millimeters. To remove them her doctors in June 2018 performed a quadrantectomy of the affected area of the breast, which resulted in additional lymph node involvement.

2 months after this surgery it was determined that there was bone metastasis in lumbar vertebra 5, in the sacrum (at the base of the lumbar vertebrae) and in the iliac bones (the bones that form the pelvis). He had multiple bone lesions between 29 and 11 millimeters. This post-surgical diagnosis implied a very rapid and aggressive progression of the disease.

In October 2018 Romina received radiotherapy on the vertebra because she was in a lot of pain and she was also prescribed several drugs, these treatments relieved her a little.

While Romina was going through this experience a friend approaches her and told her about LifEscozul Group. She told her about the testimonials of cancer patients on YouTube and also explained that it is a natural treatment that can be combined with conventional treatments. This caught her attention and she decided to contact us.

When she contacted our Medical Team she sent us all her documentation and in March 2019 she was approved to enter the Protocol, thus starting the treatment with LifEscozul (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul) under the supervision of Dr. Aaron Sarmiento.

Evolution with LifEscozul and actual results


Romina always maintained frequent communication with our Medical Team, which allowed us to closely monitor her evolution.

In the results of the CT scan performed in May 2019, the appearance of a new bone lesion was evidenced, so we proceeded to adjust the dose in function of fighting the disease more strongly.

Subsequently in an MRI performed in June 2019, which is a much more precise study and which also allowed us to compare the results of the previous MRI taken in March 2019, no variations in the disease were evidenced.

Little by little Romina was returning to her daily routine as her quality of life improved.


In October 2019 there was no evidence of nodules in either breast and the cancer showed no progression.

By November 2019 Romina had new studies performed, reporting that the disease continued to show no progression.

The pain had subsided and as the pandemic began in these months, Romina was exercising at home to stay active. Her mood and positive attitude were intact.

Since she started the treatment with LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom), and at the same time continued with the conventional treatment, she felt a great positive difference in her state of health.


In May 2020 Romina underwent new follow-up studies, which showed once again that the disease did not present any variations.

Regarding the bone lesions, no new ones had appeared and the existing ones did not increase in size.

Romina said that she felt well physically during these months, only sometimes she had lumbar pain, but this did not prevent her from doing gymnastics, which is an activity she likes very much and which also relaxes her.

The last CT scan performed in July 2020 showed again that the disease did not show any progress.


The last scans performed between August and October 2020 showed that the cancer did not advance.

During these months Romina continued to be active at home and reported to us that she was feeling super well.

She does not look like an oncology patient, she is a woman who remains in good physical condition, who looks very young for her age and despite having lived through such a hard experience as having to have her breast removed, her charisma and energy were not affected.

She is awaiting breast reconstruction, but her doctors have told her that it is best to wait until the pandemic is over to safeguard her health.

In fact, this year she is going to start a cosmetology course, which is another of her favorite activities.

Her case will continue to be monitored by our Medical Team.


Romina was diagnosed in March 2018 with Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma. In June 2018 she underwent a quadrantectomy of the affected area of the breast, which yielded additional lymph node involvement and after 2 months it was determined that there was bone metastasis. With this diagnosis it was established that her disease was progressing rapidly and very aggressively.

She suffered from constant low back pain and her doctors prescribed chemotherapy and various medications.

Romina came to us in February 2019 looking for a natural alternative to help her continue to fight the cancer, and in March 2019 she starts with LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom).

As the months went by it became evident that:

  • The cancer reported no further progress.
  • The pain diminished considerably, so Romina could exercise without discomfort in her spine.
  • No new bone lesions appeared and the existing ones did not show any progress.

These results show that treatment with LifEscozul (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul) helped stop the progression of the disease, allowing Romina to recover her quality of life.

Romina has an excellent attitude towards her disease and has the support of her family and friends, which encourages her even more to keep going.

She has always maintained constant communication with our Medical Team, which allowed us to adjust the doses of LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom) when necessary.

Romina will continue under the medical control of Dr. Aaron Sarmiento.

We are the LifEscozul Group and the Results Define Us.

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