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Introduction to the case

Anaplastic astrocytoma is a grade III tumor that constitutes 4% of all primary tumors of the CNS (Central Nervous System). Sixty percent of cases are diagnosed between the ages of 45 and 69, but there are also cases in which this aggressive cancer occurs in young children.

Isabella's case is very representative for the LifEscozul Group and she is our longest patient in treatment.

When Isabella was only 6 months old she was diagnosed with a grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma, a brain tumor that was in the center of her nervous system. Her neurosurgeon told them that he did not dare to operate on Isabella because there was a great risk that the little girl would not survive the surgery due to the tumor being in a very delicate area.

This baby, who was just beginning to live, was predicted to have 4 to 6 months to live, whether or not she received the treatments of traditional medicine.

Yensy, Isabella's mother, did not give up on this news because she was sure that there was a treatment that could save Isabella's life.

When Yensy contacted us she finally saw a glimmer of hope, and in May 2011 Isabella started treatment with LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made from blue scorpion venom).

This case of Brain Cancer is as strong as it is emotional, let's see it below.

  • Clinical Data

    Isabella Lopez, 7 months old at the start of treatment with LifEscozul.

  • Symptomatology

    Abnormal movements and inferior deviation of both eyes.

  • Protocol Start

    May 2011.

  • Specialist assigned to Grupo LifEscozul

    Dr. Aaron Sarmiento

  • Diagnostics

    Infiltrating glioma, anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3.


When Isabella was 4 months old she started having problems in both eyes, presenting abnormal movements and a slight deviation. Her mother, Yensy, took her to the hospital to be examined.

A computed tomography (CT) scan performed in April 2011 revealed that Isabella had a grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma, which is a brain tumor that was in the center of her nervous system and therefore inoperable.

Because of how invasive and aggressive the disease was, Isabella was given only 4 to 6 months to live.

Another doctor indicated that Isabella should have a biopsy. This procedure lasted 10 hours and consisted of making an incision from side to side of her head, it was a very difficult time for the family.

The doctors also performed a second surgery to place a catheter in Isabella's head. It was here when Yensy was told that her baby needed chemotherapy with temozolomide (which is an oral anti-cancer drug).

There were 3 chemotherapy sessions that further complicated Isabella's situation. Yensy had to clean the catheter constantly and the baby also had a tube that went from her nose to her stomach. Isabella cried day and night with this treatment.

When Yensy asked the oncologist if Isabella would get better with this therapy, he told her that she would still die because of her aggressive cancer.

Knowing this, Yensy spoke with her husband and they both decided not to continue with the chemotherapy, if their baby was going to die they preferred that she be happy in the short time she would be with them.

Yensy, overwhelmed with the idea that Isabella had no chance of salvation, visited Saint Jude Hospital (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital), which is a pediatric research and treatment center located in the United States that focuses on leukemia and other cancers, to look for a medical option that could help Isabella.

After evaluating her case, they contacted Yensy and told her that Isabella's diagnosis was very serious and that there was nothing they could do for her.

Yensy did not give up after hearing this, she did not accept the fact that her daughter had no chance of survival even if she had a palliative care medical team at home.

She spent many days and nights searching for treatment options and in one of her internet researches she found LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom). What caught Yensy's attention was that our treatment had no side effects, and with such a small baby this was perfect.

Yensy contacted us because she wanted to know more about the treatment, and we immediately arranged all the details for her and Isabella to travel to Cuba to pick up the treatment for the little girl.

When she arrived at the airport she was met by Biologist Ariel Portal and this is where our story with Isabella began. From that moment on Yensy finally felt more relieved, confident and supported after only hearing negative news from so many doctors.

After our Medical Team evaluated Isabella and read all her medical documentation, in May 2011 she started the treatment with LifEscozul (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul).

Evolution with LifEscozul and actual results

2011 to 2015

Yensy has always maintained constant communication with our Medical Team, this has allowed us to adapt the dosages as Isabella grew.

Since she started taking the LifEscozul treatment (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom), Isabella has had no side effects from the medication.

The 6 months that her doctors had predicted for her was extended to 5 years of survival, and during all this time she only took LifEscozul.

By 2015 Isabella was 5 years old and a very healthy and energetic little girl. In that year Yensy attended an event to which families of children with cancer go to narrate their experiences and learn more about the disease.

As they were walking around the place they met Isabella's former oncologist, the doctor was surprised to see her because he was one of the people who had said that the girl would not last more than 6 months because of her illness. The doctor looked at Yensy dumbfounded and asked "how can she be alive?".

To evaluate Isabella's state of health and the development of the tumor, the doctor asked if she could have an MRI, so great was his curiosity and disbelief with the little girl's case.

The result of this study that was performed in June 2015 revealed that the tumor only measured 15 x 11 x 12 millimeters on the right side of the brain. Seeing this result was something incredible for the oncologist.

Despite this excellent news the doctor did not give the results immediately to Isabella's family, he first wanted to discuss it with other experts. In the end he could not find the explanation of how a disease with almost no chance of survival could be beaten, and Yensy never told him that Isabella was taking the treatment with LifEscozul (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul).

Finally, Yensy received the results of the CT scan and saw with her own eyes how small the tumor was. At that moment she thought it was the opportunity to remove what was left of it and contacted a surgeon in Florida who was an expert in this type of procedure.

This surgeon performed a new MRI on Isabella in December 2015 and the result showed that the tumor measured 15 x 12 x 18 millimeters.

During the consultation, the surgeon told Yensy that it was not necessary to operate on Isabella for such a small tumor. He also told her: "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because it is working".

Our Medical Team also evaluated Isabella's tests and proceeded to up the dosage of LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom) for better results.

2016 to 2020

Yensy told us that Isabella's life has been wonderful all these years. She is a normal child who attends school and plays with her friends.

Other important facts about Isabella are:

  • In previous years she suffered from seizures and was treated with different drugs. These seizures have almost completely disappeared and she no longer takes medication for this symptom.
  • Because the tumor is touching certain areas of the brain her vision is bad only in her right eye and she has a slight strabismus.
  • He is able to memorize and read without problems and is very intelligent.
  • After the vaccinations for the first two months of age he has never taken any more vaccinations to avoid diseases.
  • Her immune system is very strong, there are seasons when her family gets sick from a virus and the only one who doesn't get sick is Isabella.
  • If she has a fall and gets a cut or scrape the wound heals the next day.

From 2016 to 2020, the tumor had the following variations in size:

  • August 2016: 1.6 x 1.8 x 2.0 millimeters.
  • April 2017: 2.1 x 2.3 x 1.7 centimeters.
  • July 2018: 17 x 12 x 16 millimeters.
  • April 2019: 11.5 millimeters.

Isabella takes LifEscozul (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul) every day as directed by our Medical Team.

In October she turned 10 years old and they celebrated in style. For Isabella and her family, having beaten cancer and all the initial prognoses are reasons to celebrate every day.

At home they do not talk about Isabella's illness, and seeing her excellent state of health it is incredible to think that she is an oncology patient.

For the LifEscozul Group, it is a pleasure to be part of her growth and to see her smile every day.

Isabella will continue under the constant surveillance of our Medical Team, which will allow us to continue perfecting the treatment with LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom).


At only 6 months old Isabella was diagnosed with a grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma, a type of cancer so invasive and aggressive that all doctors gave her a maximum of 4 to 6 months to live.

To treat her illness she was prescribed chemotherapy, which weakened her enormously and did not assure her any chance of recovery, so her parents decided not to continue with this treatment.

Yensy, her mother, never gave up despite all the obstacles she encountered along the way with all the doctors who saw Isabella's case, until she ran into us and their lives changed.

Since Isabella started with the LifEscozul (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul) treatment 10 years ago, she has not had any side effects and the tumor has been shrinking to the point of being almost imperceptible in her exams.

It is important to highlight that during all this time Isabella has not taken any other treatment, she has only been on LifEscozul.

Isabella does all the activities of a girl her age, goes to school, is very intelligent and energetic and no illness has kept her in bed.

Isabella was the inspiration for the LifEscozul Group to go ahead and perfect the LifEscozul treatment. Our goal is to give all our patients a formulation that helps them beat cancer and improve their quality of life.

Our Medical Team works day by day and keeps a constant vigilance and follow-up of our patients to adjust the doses appropriately and obtain the expected results, as we achieved with Isabella.

We are the LifEscozul Group and the Results Define Us.

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