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Martín Hamel - Bladder Cancer- Resultados con LifEscozul™ Bladder Cancer

Introduction to the case

Bladder cancer affects both men and women and is one of the most frequent types of cancer. It usually appears in older adults but there are also cases in which it occurs in young people.

The recommendation to treat this disease is to remove the bladder, and although this procedure can help save the patient's life, his quality of life will be affected.

Martin's case caught our attention a lot because he went through many situations that put his life at risk. He was diagnosed in August 2017 with high-grade bladder cancer and lived very difficult moments with traditional medicine:

  • His bladder was severely affected by malpractice.
  • He lost 2.5 liters of blood and fell into a coma.
  • He suffered a venous thrombosis in his left leg. 
  • He was hospitalized for 40 days.
  • He lost 20 kilos of weight, among others.

Looking for other alternatives that could help him overcome his type of cancer and improve his quality of life, he found LifEscozul Group. He sent all his documentation to our medical side and was admitted to our LifEscozul Protocol, starting his treatment in October 2018.

His results after one year with LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom) have far exceeded our expectations.

Martin never gave up, on the contrary, he always showed great resistance to this disease. We invite you to know his story of overcoming.

  • Clinical Data

    Martin Hamel, 50 years old at the beginning of treatment with LifEscozul.

  • Symptomatology

    Dysuria (difficulty or pain in the evacuation of urine) and bladder burning.v

  • Protocol Start

    October 2017.

  • Diagnostics

    High grade papillary urothelial carcinoma of the bladder. He underwent several surgeries, a BCG was performed and he was prescribed Mitomycin C.



In February 2017 Martin noticed that there was blood in his urine and went to the urologist, the doctor told him to have an abdominal ultrasound and a pelvic ultrasound.
pelvic ultrasound.

In April 2017 he is diagnosed with a slight increase in prostate volume and there was also a small spot in the bladder.

In August 2017 a cystoscopy is performed and a lesion appears in the neck of the bladder caused by a 2-centimeter polyp. This polyp is removed in September 2017 and is determined to be a high grade PTA urothelial cancer.


Being high grade, a TUR (removal of the diseased tissues in the urethra, prostate and
the urethra, prostate and bladder) but there was no report of cancer at that time.

He then has a Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG for short, which is an immunotherapy against bladder carcinoma) and then a PET scan, in both cases there are no negative results.

MARCH 2018.

A cystoscopy is performed and there are several tumor lesions located in the right wall and dome of the bladder.
the right wall and bladder dome, then a bladder cancer control is performed and 7 tumors of 5 millimeters are detected, which were removed.


BCG had no positive effect and she was prescribed 10 Mitomycin C (which is an anticancer chemotherapy drug).


Another cystoscopy is performed and there are no polypous lesions. At this time
Martin and his family felt great relief, they were finally getting good news after going through so many treatments.


Being such a variant disease his doctor again tells him to have another cystoscopy, and unfortunately 2 polyposis lesions of 2 centimeters appear again.

Seeing such an abrupt change in just one month his doctor explains to him that the best thing to do is to remove the bladder (which by that time was totally collapsed, that is, it had no capacity to retain urine), but Martin did not want his quality of life to be even more affected.

Martin began to look for other alternatives to help him treat his cancer, and this is when he made his first contact with us. He contacted our medical team, who gave him all the information about the treatment and the LifEscozul Protocol, he sent us all his documentation and by October 2018 he started his personalized treatment with LifEscozul (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escozul).

This was the not at all encouraging outlook when Martin came to us.

Evolution with LifEscozul and actual results


By October 2018, Martin started with a personalized and staggered dose of LifEscozul and with a specialized follow-up conducted by Dr. Aaron Sarmiento, where the need for weekly communication with our medical team was highlighted from the beginning, something that Martin understood perfectly.

While Martin was taking LifEscozul, he decided to change his urologist. This doctor performed a malpractice because instead of scraping the carcinoma, he left a hole in his bladder by removing the entire polyp and part of the bladder wall and muscle. Mitomycin C was applied to this wound and an ulcer was generated.

This was the beginning of a very difficult stage in Martin's life.

During this period he underwent an emergency cystostomy (surgery to make an opening or fistula in the urinary bladder), but he suffered recurrent infections caused by enterococci and persistent bladder ruptures with leaks.


Local doctors decide that in order to close the fistula, created by malpractice, surgery should be performed, which not only was unsuccessful but made the situation worse, because during the procedure the doctor perforated the iliac vein and Martin lost 2 liters of blood, which left him in a coma for 10 days.

But things got even more complicated:

Martin suffered a venous thrombosis (blood clot) in his left leg that kept him hospitalized for 40 days.

At the same time, he suffered acute kidney damage, which made it difficult for him to urinate and he had recurrent fever.

During this process Martin lost 20 kilos of weight.

With this acute condition Martin became a constant concern for our Medical Group.

APRIL 2019

Finally Martin returns home after going through all this situation that almost cost him his life.

He had a bladder catheter and a drain placed through the cystostomy. He is still taking LifEscozul (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul) but now the Medical Group decides to increase the dosage.

Due to all the complications she had the doctors' recommendation was still to remove her bladder, but her bladder was still very inflamed and the infections continued, so it was impossible for them to perform this surgery.

JULY 2019 TO MARCH 2020

By this time another cystoscopy had not been performed, but little by little improvements in his health could be seen.

Martin visited a nutritionist and recovered the 20 kilos he had lost at the beginning of the year, and the drainage and catheter were removed.

When a urethrocystography was performed, his bladder showed a remarkable recovery: it now has a capacity of 50 ml (the normal capacity of an adult male is between 250 to 300 ml). At the beginning of the LifEscozul treatment, Martin's bladder had no capacity to hold urine because it was practically collapsed.

During these months, Martin noticed that his quality of life began to improve.


In June Martin received the news that there was no longer the presence of tumors and that his bladder had returned to its normal size and recovered its functions.

In addition, he has not suffered any more infections or fever.

It is important to highlight that during all this time, from his last surgery in February 2019 until September 2020, Martin has only been on LifEscozul treatment, he did not receive chemotherapy or any other anti-cancer medication.

His life is back to normal.


Martin has maintained frequent communication with our medical team throughout his treatment with LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom), which has allowed us to monitor his case and show his evolution and positive response.

Martin lived through very difficult moments due to the medical complications generated by the malpractice in his bladder, to the point of almost losing his life.

When he entered the LifEscozul Protocol, our main goal was for him to recover his quality of life and to have effective control over his disease.

However, after two years of starting treatment with LifEscozul, Martin not only recovered his quality of life, but also his bladder returned to its normal size and recovered its functionality. There were no more infections and the most important and notorious thing was that his tumors completely disappeared to the astonishment of the local doctors.

It should be noted that Martin has only been on LifEscozul for the last year. The difference has also been maintaining the personalized medical follow-up that has allowed us to increase the dose gradually and which has once again demonstrated that the work carried out by the LifEscozul Medical Group is effective. This is also thanks to Martin's perseverance and desire to move forward.

His improvement surpassed the prognoses of all his doctors, who previously gave him the option of removing his bladder and are now only amazed at his positive results with LifEscozul.

Martin has shown that one should never give up despite adverse circumstances, and that when a person decides to fight and has the right support and the corresponding medical concern, his chances of survival are enormous.

That is the difference we seek in our daily work.

We are the LifEscozul Group and Results Define Us.

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