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Hector Nahoul - Bladder Cancer- Resultados con LifEscozul™ Bladder Cancer

Introduction to the case

In 2016 Hector presented hematuria (blood in the urine), and decided to visit the doctor for a check-up.

An ultrasound revealed that there was a 2.5 centimeter lesion in the bladder, so his urologist recommended a Transurethral Vesical Resection (TUR). This procedure consists of the removal of the diseased tissues in the urethra, prostate and bladder.

Subsequently, the biopsy confirmed that Hector had a grade I bladder carcinoma, i.e. bladder cancer.

To treat his disease they proposed chemotherapy sessions and also presented him with the option of BCG immunotherapy, but Hector refused both treatments. At that moment he decided that he was going to let his own body defend itself against the cancer.

Every 3 months he had check-ups and everything was going well, time passed and in September 2019 he has a new test, which revealed multiple alterations in the bladder.

To treat the disease his urologist performed a scraping, which greatly affected Hector. Seeing that the cancer was progressing, he proposed to have a complete removal of the bladder by the end of the year.

Faced with this scenario, Hector began to look for other treatment options that could help him overcome his disease, this is when he contacted us and began treatment with LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with the venom of the blue scorpion).

Let's learn more about his case and see his progress.

  • Clinical Data

    Hector Nahoul, 74 years old at the beginning of treatment with LifEscozul.

  • Symptomatology


  • Protocol Start

    November 2019.

  • Specialist assigned to Grupo LifEscozul

    Lic. Ariel Portal

  • Diagnostics

    Grade I bladder carcinoma.


In 2016 Hector noticed that there were traces of blood in his urine (hematuria), so he went to the doctor.

After having an ultrasound, it was found that there was a 2.5 centimeter lesion in his bladder. His urologist recommended a TUR (Transurethral Resection of the Bladder).

In order to determine the type of cancer, the grade and which treatment was the most advisable, his doctor instructed him to have a biopsy without the need for a deep curettage. This examination confirmed that Hector had Bladder Cancer grade I.

To treat his disease he was offered chemotherapy sessions, but Hector rejected them because he had no guarantee that he would be cured and he did not want to expose himself to the side effects of such a strong treatment.

His doctor also proposed the most common intravesical immunotherapy for the treatment of early stage bladder cancer, namely Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) therapy, but Hector also rejected it, not wanting to expose himself to further damage.

He had ultrasounds and blood and lab tests every 3 months. Everything was stable and his urologist went from 3 to 6 months for surveillance check-ups. At one point, since all her tests were negative, they wanted to give her a pre-discharge.

The next study was performed at approximately 8 months, but the urologist who was treating her case resigned from the social security and there was a change of doctor.

This new specialist scheduled another TUR in 2019 to evaluate the status of Hector's disease, the result was successful and the biopsy confirmed that the cancer was still in grade I.

In September 2019 Hector undergoes a cystoscopy and it was revealed that the bladder had many alterations. As a consequence he underwent a very aggressive intervention, there was a lot of bleeding because of the scraping and blood clots were formed.

Due to the progression of the disease, Hector was offered a radical cystectomy (complete removal of the bladder) by the end of the year.

His life was going to change forever and Hector decided to look for other options that would not cause him more damage and would improve his quality of life.

He had already heard about Cuban medicine and its excellent results with Blue Scorpion Venom in the treatment of oncology patients. Hector searched for more information on the Internet with the help of his daughter and found LifEscozul Group.

He contacted our General Manager and Specialist Ariel Portal and Doctor Aaron Sarmiento, who immediately gave him an answer and explained what results could be expected with the treatment.

In November 2019 Hector started with our LifEscozul treatment (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul) under the doses indicated by Dr. Sarmiento and constant monitoring by our Specialist Ariel Portal.

Evolution with LifEscozul and actual results


During all the time that Hector has been under treatment, he has kept in contact with our Group of Specialists, in this way we have been able to make adjustments in his dosage of LifEscozul (the most effective formulation made with the blue scorpion venom) in the cases that have been necessary.

In the studies that were performed in March 2020, the inflammation in the bladder was no longer noticeable, there were only the presence of two nodules of 10 and 11 millimeters respectively.

In December 2020 his daughter sent us a beautiful Christmas message thanking us, since for Hector and his family the treatment with LifEscozul (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul) represented a great help to delay the progression of his disease.

Below is an excerpt from this message:

"From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for the indescribable gift that you have given to this family: to be able to celebrate this year in the company of my dad who, to this day, enjoys reasonable stability and to have been able to enjoy another year with wellness and some stability even with the imbalances of the disease.

If it were not for LifEscozul, we could not be sure that my dad would still be alive or the health conditions he would have if we had not found them.

That gift is priceless, it cannot be described, it can only be shared and infinitely grateful."

Today Hector enjoys very good health and quality of life, his case remains under constant surveillance by our Medical Team indefinitely.


In 2016 Hector was diagnosed with a grade I bladder carcinoma. To treat his disease he is proposed chemotherapy and BCG immunotherapy, but Hector refused both treatments.

In September 2019 he undergoes a new examination, which revealed multiple alterations in the bladder. His urologist performed a scraping, which greatly affected Hector, and seeing that the cancer had advanced they proposed to remove the bladder completely.

Hector decided to look for other treatment options and found LifEscozul Group, starting with our LifEscozul treatment (the most effective formulation made with blue scorpion venom) in November 2019.

In March 2020, studies revealed that there was no longer markedly noticeable inflammation in the bladder and that there was only the presence of two nodules of 10 and 11 millimeters.

This showed that the LifEscozul treatment (escozul, blue scorpion venom, escoazul) was able to stop the progression of the disease up to that point.

Today, Hector has a very good quality of life and both he and his family are very grateful for the ethical, professional and humane treatment we have provided them during all this time at LifEscozul Group.

We are the LifEscozul Group and the Results Define Us.

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