LifEscozul™ - Resultado paciente Isabella Lopez

Results obtained in the LifEscozul Protocol in patient Isabella Lopez.

In this interview, for the LifEscozul Protocol (LifEscozul, blue scorpion venom, blue scorpion) we talked to Isabella's mother, Yensy Bonilla, about her daughter's evolution in the last 8 years.

Isabella entered the LifEscozul Protocol™ in 2010 when she was 8 months old after being detected with an inoperable Stem Glioma, Isabella was evicted and without the possibility of conventional treatments, this interview was conducted by Ariel Portal, Biologist, for the LifEscozul Protocol™.

Isabella was only treated with LifEscozul (protein active ingredient) with periodic controls and progressive dose increases, 8 years have passed and the last tests have shown that the tumor has shrunk so much that it is not necessary to operate Isabella. After 8 years Isabella is living a normal life.

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The LifEscozul Group™ begins with this interview a cycle of interviews with our oldest patients within the LifEscozul Protocol™.

LifEscozul is a product with a registered trademark in the USA and Ecuador and in the process of registration in more than 20 countries. It has been developed by Cuban doctors and scientists based on the antitumor active ingredient extracted from blue scorpion venom (Escozul).