Grupo LifEscozul®: Nutritional Tips for Cancer Patients

Life and Health with Dr. Amalia Pons

Grupo LifEscozul®: Nutritional Tips for Cancer Patients

While chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal treatments and surgery are important, nutrition is also a valuable tool to control cancer. 

Today we bring you several recommendations from Dr. Amalia Pons, Specialist of LifEscozul® Medical Group and Certified Consultant in Metabolism.  


Let's start by talking about proteins. These are a food group that will provide you with energy, will help you with tissue repair, even many patients when they have just undergone surgery, or are going through chemotherapy, the doctor recommends that you increase your protein intake.

It is very important to choose them wisely, at Grupo LifEscozul® we recommend:

White and low-fat meats: chicken, turkey, fish such as grouper or tilapia, which provide you with all the nutrients and also vitamins that are only present in meats. 

- Limit red meat consumption to once or twice a week. 


There are many oils and fats, but according to the health benefits at Grupo LifEscozul® we recommend to our patients:

- Oils such as avocado and coconut oil for all their properties, as they are rich in antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

- Use olive oil for dressing.


They can be divided into natural ones, which are fruits, vegetables and greens, and also refined ones, which are our favorite foods: bread, pasta, tortillas, carbonated soft drinks (colas), chocolate, flour and milk.

If consumed in excess, refined carbohydrates will generate acidity in your body, something that will not be beneficial for the disease. This being so, this type of food should be regulated and instead consume another group of foods in greater quantity.

Fruits and vegetables have all the vitamin complexes (except the complete B found in meats), they have antioxidants, selenium, zinc, iron, and above all they are also used to control sugar levels.

All fruits that are very sweet are recommended to our patients, but they should not consume them on a daily basis, in this case we recommend:

- Consume green apples and/or strawberries that do not have so much sugar content. 

We must understand that the higher the sugar consumption, the higher the excess of acidity, which is not recommended for cancer.

On the other hand, we should reduce the consumption of: bread, tortillas, sweets, carbonated soft drinks (colas) and fast food. And if you are going to consume this type of food, in which rice and beans are also included, try to eat only 1/4 of the portion of the plate, the rest should be vegetables and meats such as those mentioned above.



Milk is not recommended, especially if you are going to consume milk of animal origin. Almond and coconut milks are more beneficial for your health, since they will not generate an excess of acidity in your body.

Finally, you should avoid fast food at all costs, this is because fast food leads to many side effects for cancer, diabetes and hypertension. Currently there are several studies that relate the excess of refined carbohydrates with an excess of diseases, it is in your hands to control their consumption.

If you have a varied diet that includes all types of food, it will not be necessary to supplement with extra vitamins and minerals. If you wish to supplement please consult your family doctor to do it properly.   

Sometimes we consume vitamins and minerals to increase our defenses but this excess can interfere with other treatments such as chemotherapy. 

Follow all our recommendations always keeping in mind that each diagnosis has its own particular recommendations, and in all variants consult your oncologist first. 


For Grupo LifEscozul®, the health of our patients comes first, so it is very important to provide them with all the information that can help them get better quickly.

Nutrition plays a very important role in the lives of cancer patients, with these recommendations from Dr. Amalia Pons, LifEscozul® Medical Group Specialist and Certified Metabolism Consultant, you will be able to take care of your health and make treatments have a more positive effect:

- Consume white and low-fat meats, such as chicken, turkey, fish (grouper or tilapia). 

- Limit red meat consumption to once or twice a week.

- Use avocado and coconut oils for cooking.

- To dress your meals use olive oil.  

- As for fruits, consume green apples and/or strawberries, which are low in sugars.

- In the case of milks, preferably consume almond and coconut milks, which do not generate an excess of acidity in your body.

- Finally, avoid fast food above all things.

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