What are the type of cancer more successfully treated with Escozul®?

Learn about some of the most amazing cases of the Grupo LifEscozul®

What are the type of cancer more successfully treated with Escozul®?

Throughout these 17 years of research and advances with Escozul®, we have been able to show how our patients have improved their quality of life with our treatment alone or by combining it with conventional therapies.

For the Grupo LifEscozul®, each patient who recovers from their disease and manages to eradicate it completely is a source of satisfaction; each one of them represents a breakthrough in the fight against cancer and a hope of life for many people.

In this article we will talk about the types of cancer that we have treated with Escozul® and that have yielded excellent results a few months after starting treatment. 

Breast Cancer

Undoubtedly the cancer where we have had the best results is Breast Cancer, where 8 out of 10 cases have good results in the quality of life and reduction of the disease.

Another statistic to consider is that many of these warriors also opt for conventional treatment and yet more than 60% do not develop side effects due to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of the Escozul® formulation. 

We have patients who have been diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, in which the possibilities of treatment are almost nil and doctors do not give much chance of survival.

Regarding this aggressive type of cancer we will talk about the cases of Cecilia Ochoa and Gloria Gorosito.

Cecilia Ochoa started treatment with Escozul® in February 2020 and was attending chemotherapy sessions, a few months later her son Juan told us:

- The tumor showed a rapid reduction in size.

- He had no side effects from the chemotherapy sessions.

- His quality of life was not affected (he did not miss a day of work). 

In the case of Gloria Gorosito, the patient decided to treat her disease only with Escozul®, her results were:

- Increased appetite.

- Stabilization of the disease (there were no changes in her cancer).

- She did not present episodes of depression.

Considering how aggressive Triple Negative Breast Cancer is, the fact that both patients have a good quality of life and that the disease has not progressed shows us that treatment with Escozul® is very effective whether or not it is combined with traditional therapies.


Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the main cause of most cancer deaths worldwide. Currently our patients in Protocol with this disease represent more than 30% of admissions.

To explain the effects of treatment with Escozul® we would like to expose the case of Miguel, who was diagnosed in 2017 with Lung Cancer. His disease was very advanced by that time and his doctors only indicated palliative chemotherapy, since they did not predict him long to live.

When he started with Escozul® treatment in 2018, the tumor in his left lung measured 8 centimeters, his disease was very aggressive and our Medical Team explained to him what he could expect with our treatment.  

Within months Miguel's health began to improve significantly. In February 2019 he finished the chemotherapy sessions and was only on our treatment. By March 2019, after 9 months with Escozul®, Miguel reported to us that the tumor had disappeared, and as of today he is free of the disease.

With this result we were able to demonstrate that the treatment with Escozul® combined with traditional medicine managed to reduce the size of an 8 centimeter tumor to the point of making it imperceptible in Miguel's exams. Four years have passed since his diagnosis and today he is a healthy man with a good quality of life.


Brain Cancer

With this type of cancer we have many stories to tell, but we want to focus on one in particular, that of our little Isabella. She and her mother came to us when Isabella was only 7 months old, the baby's diagnosis was: Anaplastic Astrocytoma grade 3, this is a brain tumor that was in the center of her nervous system and therefore inoperable. 

Isabella went through very complicated situations, her quality of life deteriorated a lot due to the traditional treatments and the most discouraging thing was that in spite of everything her prognosis of life was of only 6 months at the most. 

Her mother Yensy contacted us and Isabella started with our treatment in 2011, and since then she has only used Escozul® to treat her disease.

These have been Isabella's results throughout these 10 years of treatment:

- The tumor has been shrinking to the point of being almost imperceptible on her exams.

- She has had no side effects.

- Her quality of life has remained intact: she does all the activities of a child her age, goes to school, is very intelligent and energetic.

- No illness (such as the flu) has kept her in bed.

Isabella was an inspiration to the Grupo LifEscozul® from the moment we met her and she pushed us even further to continue perfecting the Escozul® treatment.

Her results continue to amaze us, and furthermore, all the doctors who did not give her hope for life are speechless when they see her. Six months of life have turned into 10 years and we will continue to count them.


Gastric Intestinal Cancer

To close this article we want to tell you about one of the most interesting cases that are in our Protocol. 

Maria Leal Vega was diagnosed in 2018 with Gastric Cancer grade 4, the most advanced that exists. To treat her disease her stomach was completely removed, after the operation she presented fluid in the lung and underwent a surgical cleaning, during which 3 tumors were found in the lung.

One month later, a biopsy confirmed the involvement of adenocarcinoma in the parietal peritoneum and pleura. At this point the only proposal of her doctors was a palliative chemotherapy, but she was still given only one month to live.

When María Leal Vega came to us she was not receiving any treatment, and soon after starting Escozul® her changes were very noticeable:

- She could walk without difficulty.

- She was able to cook for herself.

- Her appetite increased even though she had no stomach and she gained 10 pounds.

- Most importantly, the cancer showed no further progress, so she was discharged from Oncology.

The month of life that had been predicted for her turned into 3 years, and Maria Leal Vega continues with an excellent quality of life and a great desire to move forward.

To see more in depth the cases of these patients and many others, go to our Latest Results section. 


Treatment with Escozul® (Blue Scorpion Venom) has proven to be very effective in different types of cancer, including Breast, Lung, Brain and Gastric Cancer, among the most outstanding in terms of results.

It is capable of fighting very advanced cancers whether or not it is combined with traditional medicine, extending the patient's life span and helping them to improve their quality of life shortly after starting treatment.

We have obtained very remarkable results in the most common and aggressive cancers:

- Tumors show a rapid reduction in size.

- Patients have no side effects from chemotherapy or radiotherapy sessions.

- Patients' quality of life improves. 

- Appetite increases and thus patients gain several pounds, returning to their normal weight.

- The disease remains stable, in some cases disappearing completely.

- Patients do not present episodes of depression.

We are the Grupo LifEscozul® and the Results define us.